Friday, March 25, 2011

LTC about the LNA

From the LTC,

To all dog lovers:

The Leucadia Neighbors Association is inviting suggestions for ways Leucadia can be more accommodating for dogs and their human companions. The group is also inviting comment on whether to include dog stations along Highway 101 and Neptune Ave and at the Beacon's Beach Parking lot as part of Greenscape, Leucadia Neighbors proposed alternative to the Streetscape project.

Comments can be posted at the Leucadia Neighbors website,

An open discussion of Leucadia challenges and opportunities will be held Monday, March 28, 6pm-7:30pm at the Encinitas Library. Leucadia residents are encouraged to participate.

For information and meeting reservations:


  1. more accommodating for dogs and their human companions

    Are you kidding me?? More accommodating to dogs? Jesus, every freaking park in this city is a dog park! The entire city is covered with dog poop and you want to be more accommodating to them!?

  2. "Leucadia Neighbors proposed alternative to the Streetscape project."
    I will miss this meeting.
    I will be at the General Plan Workshop at 6:30 at The Community Center.

  3. Thanks for choosing the constructive meeting, Chris.

  4. Definitely Leucadia has their fair share of freaky backwards folks. David Smith- that's the angry LA firefighter. Hope you find peace.


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