Monday, March 14, 2011

PEC Garden

Paul Ecke Central School edible gardens was featured in edible san diego (click to read).

Copious hours of effort of community volunteers (including Leucadia bloggers) have turned the gardens into a reality. A nice donation from Paul Ecke III funded the enterprise.  


  1. better learn to grow your own food. The rest of your money is going to go to taxes to pay for the government workers pensions.

  2. Anon. You are a one trick pony. We are bored with your one trick.

    This is a very nice thing for our community.
    Thank you, Leuc. Blog for sharing.

  3. Yep, few things better than experiencing the fruit of one's labor. Even if they're just vegetables.

  4. Chris-

    Why are you attacking the messenger.... are you a government slacker who's going to be receiving a huge pension at the expense of our children's future opportunities including a good education.

    either way your a tool in my opinion and obviously biases. I hope you get food poisoning for not caring about our youth.

  5. Hey, The pension issue gets old.

    Yes, yes, the pension issue will have huge impacts on our future daily lives if it is allowed to spiral more out of control (given the lack of oversight and public interest in CalPERS' corruption and their just picking happy talk numbers for investment forecasts I'm not hopeful),0,126433.story

    See I care about that too.

  6. Good articles KC. Rate of Return on Investments of 7.75%.... Pffff- whos the fools that approved that? they should be in jail for stealing money from the public.

    Too bad most people like Chris have more important thing going on like tweeting about Charlie Sheen, to really care about the principal issue that will cause the most harm to our youth.

    Chris would have been bitching up a storm, if any anon was posting about mortgage back securities a few years ago and the pending collapse of the USA financial system.

    Fools like Chris exemplify the typical American public and show the reason why bigger fools get elected. Chris and morons are the reason this country has and will continue to get pasted by other nations. The bottom line is our citizens are to complacent and ignorant to make any needed change.

  7. Bob,Pat and Anon,
    This post was sharing information of a very nice project in our community that benifits kids our enviornment and our farmers market.
    Not pensions. Try to focus.

  8. Chris-

    Try to focus on "Priorities" that effect our future- especially our childrens well-being.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. There will be fewer feel good projects when the pension tsunami catches up to California. Encinitas is in a worse situation because of the Encinitas Pension Suicide Pact of 2005.

  11. Hey, I have an idea. No matter what subject comes up on this blog, let's spin it to pensions until we get our way!

  12. "Our Way" meaning “addressing the pension catastrophe” would actually help our children. Unions and pensions are bad for America’s youth. The outrageous pensions are stealing state tax money that would otherwise be available for our Children’s education. Support our Children’s education, dramatically cut the fat pensions.

  13. Winston,

    Pensions WILL effect anything that requires government funding or a good economy. Do you not see that?

  14. @ Lee,

    For funding, PEC School as a Garden relies on donations like the one from Paul Ecke III and the money raised by my music festival 'Summer Fun on the 101 (generously supported by Surfy Surfy and countless other local businesses)'. The garden has thrived through this atrocious economy because of the tireless work put in by Russel, Kate and other awesome community members.

    This post and the article it links to truly have no relevance to pension reform.

  15. You still take a nice picture, Lee, and I agree with you on pension reform. Just tired of every topic being derailed with the same set of tracks.

  16. Can you say "Next stop Willoughby?"

  17. smitty-

    Its a blog. Chill bro.... you should learn how to meditate or something.

    the pension comments are relevant. We appreciate the garden for fresh food. Everyone needs to start gardening because we will not have much money after the pensions require raised taxes and consume all the education tax dollars.

    We will now have to privately fund public education. Great- The worthless gets worse.

    Don't you read all the news articles about the education budget cuts? The budget would have plenty of money for education including planting gardens in every school, if the fricken unions didn't steal every last taxed dime for their huge pensions. Just think- fat boy fire chief that retired 5 years ago get 144,000 a year. So to date fat boy received $720,000 of our money. IF he lives another 10 years that another 1,440,000 totaling $2,160,000. That’s for one public retiree. Each year he lives the tax payers and our childrens education lose another $144,000. I hate to say it but our children would be much better off if he passes quickly along with all the other tax dollar sponges.

    "CalSTRS $100K Pension Club is growing while fund is running out of money"

    I appreciate Lee's comments. Its good to see intelligence exists.


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