Sunday, March 27, 2011

Principles not Politics

 Ron Paul and Ralph Nader teamed up and spoke out against the political machine because they knew policy was more important than politics.

Donna Fry and Carl Demaio even teamed up because they realized the city needed them to put policy before personal gains, and the gains of campaign donors.

Would Carl Demaio be tarred and feathered by the Encinitas City Council if he posted something like this to SDROSTRA?

The debate is now a question of pension reform light versus pension reform right. The Mayor said just a year ago that the pension system was already fixed. Now he’s admitting that there is still a problem and asking us to put another cosmetic band-aide on it. Enough is enough. We need a system that provides city employees with benefits that are no better, and no worse, than what the average San Diego taxpayer footing the bill receives.

The Mayor’s proposal will only PROLONG the current pension crisis by…
  • Keeping the current pension benefits in place for all current employees
  • Exempting half of all new hires from the defined contribution program
  • Allowing pension “spiking” to continue by using bonus-type pays to calculate life-long pension benefits.
  • Failing to require city employees to pay their fair share (50%) of the cost of pension benefits.
I’ve joined with a coalition of taxpayer and business to offer a real solution. Our ballot measure will SOLVE the pension crisis by…
  • Reforming pensions for current employees AND new hires.
  • Placing ALL new hires in the 401K system.
  • Ending pension spiking by requiring that pensions be calculated using base salaries only, not bonus-type payouts.
  • Requiring city employees to pay their fair share of the pension costs: 50%

There is no Carl Demaio in Encinitas. Compare Carl to Jerome Stocks who was happy to give long-term retroactive massive compensations raises to his friends and staff and the council majority who were afraid to discuss mild pension reform publicly before conferring with the staff bargaining units, behind closed doors.


  1. Stock is a RINO jackass who is owned by the government employee's union.

    I am shocked that all the other pussie GOP locals don't lamb bast that weenie for giving all employees and council members a 35% increase in pensions and a 14% over a few years in 2005.

    With that action he and Houlihan, killed the future of Encinitas. How rotten for kids future can you be?

    This guy should be thrown out of the democratic party more over the GOP.

    Please some one put a fork in that PIG. He is done!

    He is the poster child of "the rotten politician".

    Lets see what kind of stink he can rub on up and coming hopeful Gaspar.

    I bet he limits her future as well.

  2. Only a incompetent jackass spending someone else's money (our tax dollars) would give these lazy government employees the exorbitant salaries, the outrageous medical benefits for life and ungodly retirement that no working person can ever hope to attain. Not only should any Councilperson who voted in favor of these unsustainable benefits but any union jerk and City Manager be thrown out of office and into prison.


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