Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Warning for West Coast

The National Weather Service estimates the tsunami's California arrival time at 8:41 a.m.

The tsunami will act like an extreme tide movement. It probably won't be large here but it may catch morning beach walkers off guard. If you have any friends or relatives who like to walk along our bluff in the morning make sure they are aware of the warning.


  1. i was amazed this morning by how many people in the pannikin had no idea what had happened or what was going on.

  2. I watched from Moonlight Beach parking lot, must have been 150 people around, since it was low tide there wasn't anything noticeable happening. Interesting to see parents on the beach with kids playing. A city bulldozer parked next to the life guard station. A few Sheriff cars roaming about looking bewildered. Surfers in the water. So much for our tsunami warning system consisting of small signs posted after the Indonesia incident. Other counties up the coast got reverse 911 calls. We were lucky this time. Could be us with an earthquake off the coast, do we have sirens?

  3. drwdwrd,

    I was amazed by how many people have no idea of the pension tsunami heading our way.

  4. Here Here Lee!

    The only answer is the American public is completely stupid and deserves the forthcoming evolutionary change. Fat and complacent will become the beggars. No more middle class. the government unions killed all.

  5. The government tsunami will be relieved by BK. So promise, promise, promise.....anybody who thinks their government pension will deliver as promised is an ostrich.

  6. get over yourself
    is there anything in your life that doesn't make you dick-hurt over pensions.

    "i went to my kids piano recital and i couldn't believe how many people in the room were unaware of the pension crisis."

    aside from friends of mine being unreachable in japan, the 3rd largest economy in the world just got destroyed.

    maybe you should take your blinders off

    people died, lots of them, and possibly friends of mine, in a REAL tsunami. not just a convenient metaphor for you and your ridiculous agenda.


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