Thursday, March 24, 2011

Update II: City Manager Retirement

Gaspar responded, and forwards this from the city's human resources department through the city manager's office.

We cannot have a different/individual tier of CalPERS benefits for just the City Manager.

CalPERS does not work with local agency retirement benefits based on individual employees.  From the perspective of CalPERS, the Encinitas City Manager is just one more employee in the City’s group or class of miscellaneous employees.  All of the City’s group or class of miscellaneous employees have the same local agency “contract for benefits” with CalPERS.  The local agency cannot offer one miscellaneous employee a different (more generous or less generous) CalPERS retirement formula than the whole group or class.

There may be options available if City Council wants to offer more generous retirement benefits to a City Manager candidate.  In addition to the CalPERS retirement benefit, City Council could contract for a City paid deferred compensation (IRC section 457 or 401a) benefit or a PARS (Public Agency Retirement System) supplemental benefit.


  1. She either missed the point or Calpers really has the world by the balls.

    The point was: Is it possible for the new employee to simply "not participate?" and have their own 401k. We don't care about the "level of participation."

  2. Better point would be to eliminate pensions for all City Management. I don't beleive that a City can't have their manager participate in CAPpers.... I call BS.

  3. Calpers doesn't want to give up the $$$. Once you're in, you're in!

  4. Didn't she campaign on 401K's being the answer? Also, Encinitas Undercover shows us what San Diego is doing. Seems to me we could do this too. What do you all think.

  5. This doesn't address the issue of the no offering CALpers pension in the compensation to a new City Manager.

    "We cannot have a different/individual tier of CalPERS benefits for just the City Manager."... so What?

    We are not asking for differnt tier of benefits. We are saying that our City will not include Calpers pension benefits for the next City Manager. Their in nothing in our General Plan, Ordinance, or State Laws that require City Managers to be included in CAlPers.

    There are many Cities within CA, where the City Manager are not in thte CALpers system. We should be one of them.

    Tell Gaspar to quit send out miscellenous information (white noise) that does not address the issue at hand - Not offering CALpers to the next City Manager.

    Gaspar- Focus on the point please.

  6. The way I understand it, here in Bo-dunk Encinitas, management is entitled to the same raise or benefit increases that labor is. The is no bargaining.

    There's an incentive for management to grant large raises and benefit increases to labor. So, whatever increases labor gets, management also gets. Wow.

    There's something fundamentally wrong here.

  7. The city manager is a contract position, not an at-will employee, so the contract can include or not include retirement benefits. The city manager is guaranteed employment for a span of time and he/she can't quit within that time without breaching the contract. Gaspar is being led by the nose ring by Stocks, obfuscating the issue.

  8. Let's take an informal poll here.

    Is Gaspar:

    a) naive and gullible and being hoodwinked by Stocks and staff,


    b) a co-conspirator in the deception of the public?

  9. I think A..... but I could be naive and think that Gaspar is actually a caring person and wants to help our youth.

    If I think she is just like the sellout Jerome Stocks, it will get me sick to my stomach to think how she is selling out her own kids future and joined in the RINO game, right behind the big old RINO Stocks. Ickey Ickey Ickey.

  10. Why would any competent city manager wannabe apply for the job when other cities of equal size/duties/stress have one? Just wondering if it's time to be careful what we're asking for: 1.) super competent managers who get paid commensurate with the budget and staff size or 2) a dumbass who is worth every penny we don't pay them?

    I understand the public employee pension rhetoric on both sides, but think about it this way: When the day in/day out decisions need to be made by one person, wouldn't you want to have the most competent person at the wheel? If you say yes, then be prepared to offer a competitive compensation package and forget the rhetoric of the day. It's just a smokescreen. If they don't perform, then show them the door. If they do, pay them.

  11. Nickname,

    1) It's not brain surgery. City managers are typically just people who have worked for various public departments for a while and gotten a meaningless master's degree from a third-rate, for-profit college.

    2) With cities across the country facing budget cuts and layoffs, you really think there are no qualified applicants in the entire country who wouldn't jump at the chance to move to beautiful Encinitas for a fat six-figure package and a short work week?

    3) The city had 38 applicants as of early February, probably a lot more now. You really think all those people would turn down the job if it didn't have a gold-plated pension on top of the pay and other benefits?

  12. Perhaps I'm being a bit flippant.

    While it's not brain surgery, it could be a matter of life and death if you so badly mismanage the finances that you have to sell the Olivenhain fire station site to developers and then Olivenhain emergency response times suffer as a result.

    And not everybody gets a meaningless master's degree from a third-rate for-profit schools. Some of them get them online from third-rate public schools.


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