Friday, March 11, 2011

View of Leucadia

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 This is titled leucadia,leep it funky.. ~~~alan casagrande

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  1. I don't get it. Where is all the brown dust from RR area. I don't get the green. Can someone explain this bloch painting?

  2. Not everyone sees in brown alone. Can you explain what bloch means?

  3. I think they meant blotch which seems to fit the painting and Leucadia. Particularly the third definition. Apparently Winston is lucky. When he looks at brown wastelands, he sees flourishing green landscaping. Amazing. I wish I was so lucky.

    blotch (blch)
    1. A spot or blot; a splotch.
    2. A discoloration on the skin; a blemish.

    3. Any of several plant diseases caused by fungi and resulting in brown or black dead areas on leaves or fruit.

    tr. & intr.v. blotched, blotch·ing, blotch·es
    To mark or become marked with blotches.

  4. Well, I don't see any of those in the painting as 8:52 described. I'd like to see how you paint Leucadia.

  5. Brown, weedy, and ugly 70s architecture gone stucco.

    Its not cool and green like it was in the 70s.

  6. 9:28
    In the 70's it had a county that could care less about it's infrastructure and density, rusty banged up guard rails, ugly telephone poles and cables for 2 miles, every bit as much scorched earth along the railroad, no flowers in the median, boarded up and empty buildings, less sidewalks, more polution, lead paint, red dye #2, Tab with cyclamates, little public transportation, no cell phones, diminished emergency response times, mid-eval medicine, filthy public telephones everywhere to press against your face, cigarettes burning in every public place and eatery, a leper colony at the north end, no high definition nor words like motherf**ker on TV, and a crook for President, lock-jaw and the unending threat of Russia taking over Camelot. But I do like how you admit it had ugly 70's architecture. The only better things about the Leucadia's 70's were that you could sit down and bar-b-que something at Leucadia Roadside Park, more waves, a few more trees, real estate, your rent, All in the Family, KCBQ for you 1170, gas at $1.29 gal., no three strikes law, no tweakers, and Jerry Brown as Governor. Scratch that last one, it's too confusing.


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