Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Vulcan gets spruced up

Encinitas has done a wonderful job maintaining its infrastructure and has plenty of money to go around. New paint to spruce up the streets!



  1. Vulcan is as bad as Hwy101 and needs some major love.

  2. I'm in the "don't change it" camp again. It's ugliness keeps people from driving on it. I love zipping down to Cardiff along Vulcan when 101 and 5 are clogged. FWIW, i'm not cutting through, it's the most direct route, too.

  3. Vulcan was resurfaced and repainted south of Encinitas Blvd, maybe they couldn't afford resurface the whole street because they gave that money away to Cotton.

  4. Cotton is pickens.... try massive unfunded pension liability for all the City employees.


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