Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cyclist Fatality

Here are a couple articles.  It happened early in the morning on Sunday.  The driver has since turned himself in...



  1. And they let him go because the lazy prosecutors didn't file charges within the three-day deadline.

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  3. this was a bomb to our surfing community. these two were very well known in, and out, of the water and will be terribly missed. thanks for sharing.

  4. They weren't too lazy to raise charges. They didn't have enough evidence yet and they want to make sure of the man's guilt before they raise charges. It's not like they missed the opportunity, they can re-arrest him at any time if they can match the debris at the scene to the man's truck. I'm pretty surprised at all this myself. They can and do many times let people rot in jail for months before a preliminary hearing is issued. Not some "10 day window" as News 10 reports.


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