Sunday, April 10, 2011

City Playbook No Surprise

A Leucadia Blog double agent has turned over the City of Encinitas P.R. playbook. It is most important document at city hall, because its the only document actually followed by management. Page 3 deals with how to deal with sensitive issues.

Don't say anything. The problem will go away most of the time if you just don't say anything about the problem. Definitely, don't talk to the press. This works 95% of the time.

Make the problem into a wedge issue that is only tangentially related to the problem. The public will get confused and will only follow the easy sound bites. Watch out for the reporters who keep their eye on the ball. Call their bosses and complain. Just wear them out.

If citizens keep bringing up the problem, continue to ignore the issue but disparage the citizens. The public won't even listen to the message if they don't like messenger. Encinitas residents know they can trust elected officials and city staff more than citizens with nothing better to do. Try to recruit and befriend a few political hit men that you use for this task.

Just lie. 90% of the time no one will notice, care or remember. The press won't follow the story for long if you get caught and the public won't remember. How many times did Dalager misrepresent the library and Hall park projects? Don't remember. You see the point.

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