Friday, April 22, 2011



  1. I hope the fire trucks are stocked, the fire firefighters aren't asleep or hungover, the train doesn't cause a delay, and the fire chief doesn't run away.

  2. It was the biggest show of emergency vehicles I've ever seen in Leucadia. Not only were there trucks from Encnintas, but Carlsbad, Vista, Solana Beach and Del Mar. Oh yeah, and that 3 story number we bought stole the show. Not to mention every available Sheriff. From what I learned, a fire started in a non-occupied ground level bedroom in a 2 story apartment complex on Jupiter St. I don't think anyone was hurt but one neighbor was worried about a cat. How does a fire start in an unattended bedroom? My CSI experiences from watching a lot of TV tell me it could have been
    * an electric blanket left on for days.
    * a candle left burning
    * cigar or cigarette
    * a portable heater cooking
    * a short in a wall socket or power cord.
    * a deliberate domestic conspiracy
    * Al Quaida

  3. Wow. I am surprised the City of LA didn't show up. wow. A real fire. And this time they even put it out. Amazing. They are truly heroes. Lets double their pension. I say 250% of their highest paid year at 35 years old. Come on after 3 years of that hard work, they have to be spent. Lets give them 10 hours of overtime for each hour worked. Wow. heroes.

    wow. what heroes. I feel lucky we have such heroes.

  4. I say. OT for everyone. Triple pay today. Everyone make $1000 today! ALL ON THE BACK OF OUR KIDS FUTURE. Well done. More wasted tax dollars. What we really need is a voluntary fire brigade and a private paramedic service. I bet a community fire brigade would "smoke" and union sleeping employees every time. Its called pride of ownership and community. Not whine needed me and more pay and pensions every time I take a crap.

  5. cathy and beth
    you're d-bags

    i know this was a "small" fire...
    but why don't you go run into a burning building to save someone? what? you can't because you're busy making your kids quesadillas before you haul them to soccer practice? ok.

    by the way... they go overboard on everything in this town. every incident warrants 3 sheriffs cars.

    i think if your over-mortgaged house caught on fire or you were pinned in a car after a traffic accident you would have a different opinion.

  6. winston...

    you forgot "droppin' the cherry"

    this is leucadia after all

  7. Or rather #3? Whiskey river has taken my mind.

  8. Winston! Nice try at humor but shame on you.

    Your bullet points are inconsistant. Half of them have periods, half don't, which is it old chap.

    And whats with the "Not to mention every available Sheriff." That is far from a sentence. Forgetting the basics Winston?... shame, shame, shame.

    You must have gone to a CA educational institution just like me. Welcome to idiocrasy Winston.

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  10. Well, as one of the two residents that have been displaced (I was upstairs), the firefighters that showed up that day were an EXTREMELY welcome sight. Think about it. Everyone is running out of the burning building and they are running in. They saved some of my stuff. Not all, but more than if they hadn't been there in minutes. Firefighters, you ALL have my thanks, gratitude and admiration. And yes, the cat survived thanks to those men risking their lives. Thank you again!!

  11. You're right Beth. I was being careless and lazy with my punctuation and grammar. Also, I did see Idiocracy and found it amusing enough to watch it again sometime. But not without some refreshing and nutritious electrolytes.
    One more thing. Ever notice when people say "Well, I hate to tell you this, but..." - and they really don't hate to tell you at all, but rather enjoy telling you? Well, I hate to tell you this, but you misspelled "Idiocracy". I'll have to forgive you though, because you probably did go to my school. Stay on your toes anyway. I'll be watching your verbiage.

  12. Winston,

    You can correct me any time. Like I said, I went to local public CA schools so I feel lucky if I get 60% of the words correct. As for you, please practice your common logic skills. Grazie!


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