Saturday, April 23, 2011

Public Art

Situation Unknown

See the best public art in Encinitas before the art police removes the best piece of public art on display in the last 10 years (except for the shark that ate the Cardiff Kook)! You have to go see it for yourself. It is under the train tracks on Encinitas Boulevard.

1) Several connected local artists had no knowledge of this piece or that it was going in. They had not heard from the city or the NCTD that this was even being considered.
2) One blog reader says an "official looking" crew was out at the site last week "prepping" for the installation.


  1. This is a magnificent glass mosaic. We need to keep it there.
    Although it may well be installed with inappropriate protocol, it is well worth doing all we can to keep it there.
    Anybody in to SAVE THE 'SAVE THE OCEAN' mosaic?
    Email the council, Jim Gillian,(art commissioner), public works and the press.
    It is a fantastic work of art.
    We can save it.
    Anyone willing to do what it will take to keep it?
    We must act now.

  2. I will put a big effort to save it.
    I will email all that you listed and contact the press, too.
    This is way too good to let it be damaged.
    Who else wants to keep it?

  3. It's awesome. Far better than art the city pays thousands for - and it's gratis, with a good message yet. And the face on Mary is actually pretty. Do you know how hard that is to do with mosaic tiles? It rivals the mosaic of Alexander. Now if we can slow down the Surfliner to keep the tiles from vibrating off...
    I do think the artist needs to sign it though.

  4. Simply awesome!

    Send those save the "save the ocean" mosiac emails to:


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