Saturday, April 16, 2011

In With the New


  1. that place will be sweet. I am going to lease the commercial area on the bottom floor.

  2. Jake:
    #1. Where will you live?
    #2. Where will you park?

    Designed as live/work lofts, the track record so far shows that no one who lives there will work there, creating twice the parking problem the ideal situation would anyway.

  3. Not there. I like on Hymettus. I would never live in that area. To loud and too unsafe. It is perfect for an attorny's office. I will park on the street like everyone else.

  4. Good luck to you and your clients finding a parking space. And good luck to the new development. The bank just repossesed the one next to it due to lack of interest.

  5. Jake, you can't possibly be a real lawyer!

    You mispelled the actual word attorney. Then you followed it with multiple moronic sentence fragments and the phrase "to loud."

    If you're actually a real lawyer... for shame on what's left of our crumbling civilization. Now go chase some ambulances.

  6. I'd take Jake any day over lawyers I've had the misfortune of encounters with. Even if I had to park in front of A Little Moore.

  7. And he has the guts to admit he's a snake. But you're right about his spelling. At least I can read through his mispelled words though. You should try to decipher the scribbles I have from a twenty thousand dollar atty.

  8. Seriously? He's a real lawyer? I'd prefer a little literacy with my legal advice. Let Jake fight fires and earn $170k per year, not read documents and write contracts. Oy veh.


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