Friday, April 15, 2011

Low Income Dumping Ground

Photo of the Coral Cove Site

From the In Box:

For those of you who don't know Shea Homes has taken over the developments at Saxony Road (Bahlman project), Ashbury (Coral Cove) and Andrew and Sheridan Road (previously Nantucket now Seaside). Their plan is to move all of the affordable units from Saxony and Andrew to a new complex they are building on Vulcan. Some of the affordable units from Coral Cove will be moved there and some will remain in the project at Ashbury. All three of these projects and this change to the density bonus requirements will be discussed on Thursday (date=?) at Planning Commission.

Correction Edit: The location for the low income homes is Vulcan Townhomes.

Flickering question: That was an old greenhouse site. Did the city make them bury their contaminated soil?
From the agenda (click to enlarge):

Create a pdf of the staff report somewhere in here.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I'm a bit confused on the wording of your post. Coral Cove and the project at Ashbury are the same. The big dumping grounds for the low income housing is Coral Cove. The plans for Coral Cove always included low income housing along Vulcan. If they are going to try to add more they'll probably have to change the permit and go through community review again. If so, I and many of my neighbors in that neighborhood vow to fight tooth and nail.

  2. What exactly qualifies as low-income housing in Leucadia?

  3. They are asking to put even more low income homes in your hood. These are from density bonus projects in other areas of town. I'm guessing they are trying to congregate the low income in small units.

    You should read the planning commission agenda staff report. I'd put a link up but the city's website sucks. I'm surprised your hood doesn't know about this plan.

    Ryan, they are talking about government restricted low income housing, not houses that folks with low income can afford or are living in. Sometimes they kick out people of low income to make way for government restricted low income housing and a big juicy density bonus for the builder.

  4. I checked out the agenda, and as I interpret it, Shea is asking for the density bonus affordable housing requirements for Coral Cove to be satisfied by the project at Vulcan Townhomes. If granted, the Coral Cove development would have 5 less affordable housing units. Subsequently, Shae is petitioning to do the same for Saxony, and Seaside. The low income dump that the original post described is actually at Vulcan Townhomes, which is bordered by the Riviera Trailer Park, north of RCP.

  5. This proposal is so wrong both morally and ethically. To move the affordable units from (4) "for sale" projects into a single "for rent" project on Vulcan, is in the name of greed only.

    There is no benefit to the City, we already have an inventory of 138 rental properties available for Low Income families. What we need is affordable "for sale" homes.

    There are 4 properties in this deal. All 4 were density bonus projects. They all received 15-20% more units than the zoning allowed. They also received numerous concessions from the zoning code (lower lot size, lower setbacks, private streets, etc.). All these substandard, bloated projects were granted approval because of the "Affordable units". The City could do nothing about it, it's a state law.

    So now, the developer strips away the affordable units, confines them all to a 21 unit apartment project on Vulcan North of RCP, and gains 20 new market rate homes for sale. I believe this is a new strategy for development. Bait and Switch at it's best. It truly makes a travesty of the approval process.

    There is much more to this story, none of it good or honest. I'll be there next Thursday night to speak, I hope you will also.

  6. We got a phone call from shea saying something like that too. So I'll take you word for it and check the doc as so as I can get to a computer. Can't edit posts by phone and getting huge doc off the city archive.

  7. I think we are going to get an email from shea to post

  8. Whoops

    The comment was direct to the caves

  9. If the City approves this, I will sue the crap out of them for dumping all the low income from around the City in our community. This is wrong on every level. Its time for us lawyers to sue the crap out of the City again. Lets get it on City. Its time for me to buy a new boat!

  10. I just returned from the future. In the future the low income housing for rest of the city is all moved to Leucadia.

  11. Its because leucadians have not been as likely to sue in the past. But times have changed. Thanks to superstars like me. I make my living off stupid government bureaucrats.


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