Sunday, April 17, 2011

More Fear of Community Subsidized Government Regulated Housing

From the in box:

Dear Friends,

Please read the staff reports item 3 through 6  and make your own thoughts known to our planning commission.  They vote on this matter this week.  To send a message to the planning commission email .

Thanks for caring about Leucadia,
Mr. F



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Livability: When you live comfortably super far from poor people. 

More from the in box:

Dear Planning Commissioners,


This email serves as a protest and to voice a strong recommendation  not to approve staff recommendation and allow the conditions of the developments to dump all their low income housing at the Vulcan Townhomes or any other site in Leucadia. See reference staff report at .

Leucadia already has a higher percentage portion of low income housing than the other communities in Encinitas.

The low income housing should remain where the density bonus law intended, with the proposed new development.  The law was not intended to maximize profits for the developer and encourage blight in another locations.
If the developer want to cluster their low housing in one location, I suggest they propose a location outside of Leucadia.

Please vote NO to Staff’s recommendation on these cases.  Their current recommendation is good for the developer and bad for Leucadia.  It’s that simple.

Mr. F


  1. Would this be happening if the Vulcan Townhomes project was next to the Mayor's house or next to the developer's house?

  2. To make all this worse, the original Vulcan Townhomes project was a condo project with an affordable unit which qualified it for density bonus housing. All ownership, no rentals.

  3. I agree with Mrs. Fleener.

  4. `Of course you do!...uh, er...what'd I say?

  5. Mary-You mean you don't want the livibility homes next to the Wigabillies? Seems like perfect match:) Of course, I hope you know I'm kidding. Just havin' some fun on the blog. In all seriousness though, your points are well taken and I hope the Commission and eventually Council will side with the community.

  6. Since when has Mary been a Mister? You know something about this Dr. L?

  7. The state mandates affordable housing. Read the April 20 city council agenda item #9 to see what is "required" of Encinitas.

    Leucadia does have a lot of apartments but they are free-market properties run by landloards who don't care if two or three families live in a one bedroom apartment.

  8. The State does not require density bonus and it does not require that the developer round up their low income units off site and into the Leucadia Projects.

    Multiple families will be able to live in the Leucadia Projects just as they do in the free market low income housing.

  9. Low income housing sucks for a community. Density bonus laws suck for a community.

  10. Government housing programs are the worse for any community. The inhabitants have zero ownership and are welfare queens. Sad.

  11. I agree with that.

    The coast is no place for low income housing people work hard and save all their money instead of spending recklessly or freeloading to buy million dollar properties.

    Others, don't do shit, shit on their butt, collect rent control checks from our City, cry poor, and live by the coast. Plus since they don't work, they loider around and raise crappy gang bangger kids.

    If this developer doesn't like the conditions of his density bonus approval, they could always developer their property according to Encinitas's zoning codes.

    That's what I would prefer anyway. Obey our zoning laws, not the States. The state government already screwed up all the state matters to a collapsing point. Lets not let them do the same to Encinitas.

    I the planning commissioners pass this measure, they are worthless and bad for Encinitas.

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  14. Iris Apartments Government rent control Ghetto Apartments (Formerly Vulcan Townhomes to be sold at Market value and have residents with the pride of ownership without the curse of welfare).
    From this weeks council agenda item No. 3- Staff already planned on a planning commission’s approval. The fix is in. No need for public notice or public hearings on the matter. This one is ripe for a law suit.
    On fiscal impact they forgot to mention, or purposely didn’t mention, Lowering the property values for the surrounding community and lower the City’s tax base for the City. Not to mention the lowering of quality of life for the leucadia neighborhood getting low income shoved down its throat.
    Wow. The developer gets, Chelsea, gets approximately $4,592,000 in tax credits and the residents gets $5,000,000 stripped from their equity in their property and the problems associated with government rent control housing in perpetuity. How much you want to bet, no Council members, Staff, or developers live near the old Vulcan Townhomes, now converted to the Iris low income housing trouble ghetto complex?

  15. Sally, Take some of that hard earned wealth and learn to spell, properly punctuate and form sentences.


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