Monday, April 25, 2011

Separation of Surf and State

Devil or Angel?

“Good art or bad art, it’s still defacing,” Murphy said.

Beverly Goodman, who deals similar Lady Guadalupe art out of her store, Coast Highway Traders in downtown Encinitas, said she hopes it isn’t removed.

“It’s so beautiful and so well done that I wish they would take it to the (city) arts commission and give it a chance before they take it down,” she said.

Howard Whitlock, the city’s Assistant Superintendent of Public Works, said he’s received a few complaints about the religious overtones of the art piece on public property. He’s also gotten calls saying the piece should be kept.

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  1. Lemme guess. One of the complaints is from a fella who habitually sues people. He didn't like the tiki for the same reason. It doesn't fit into his religion. Keep the lady and keep frivilous lawsuits away from the courts.

  2. "complaints about the religious overtones of the art piece on public property"

    Great, we have the Encinitas Taliban blowing up our own Buddhas of Bamiyan.

    I hate anti-religious zealots.

  3. Actually, I love them. But I have to being a Christian. Doh!

  4. Patrick is right about there being good art and bad art. He happens to be an excellent artist. But his city has paid for pretty poor public art that many residents don't care for. No doubt his religious beliefs also guide his decisions. Good art or bad art, it's all politics in Encinitas, with a little "I'm with the true religion" thrown in. Who will give the order to have this removed if he does? That's what I'd like to know.

  5. I hate anti-religious zealots.

    I hate religious apologists. If you think it's wise to promote or tolerate folks who assert that violent primitive fairy tales are reality, then you're a dumb ass.

  6. I'll take mythology over intolerance any day.

    What does that say about one's own belief system if one lashes out so vehemently against the beliefs of others?

    Religious imagery is a part of our history and culture. Anyone who thinks the Surfing Mary is intended to promote Catholicism is blinded by hatred.

  7. I like it. Its suggests that God thinks its important for all Churches to focus on protecting our Ocean. After-all the ocean is a part of our Mother Earth.

  8. NCTD will make the call, not Patrick Murphy or Phil Cotton.

    With NCTD driving, I fully expect a midnight raid and it will be gone.

  9. Contact these folks and tell them we want to keep it.
    something like:
    I am writing to you all to petition your consideration of finding a way to save this magnificent work of art.
    I throughly acknowledge that the installation process was totally inadaquate.
    I also believe it would be a great addition to the city's art pallet.
    This is a unique, quality work that would benifit our city's cultural and historic identity over many years.
    I appreciate your consideration and offer my engery to find a solution to save this wonderful work.
    I can offer an alternative location, if it comes to it.

    Thank You.


  11. My favorite thing about Amsterdam is the random street art that is allowed (and encouraged)!

    It draws people from near and far.

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  13. Agree HH. I hope whoever owns the land lets the art stay. Once we were the flower capital, now we can be the art capital. Does anyone know who actually owns the land? If it can't stay there, perhaps it could be moved somewhere else?

  14. The chances of this being allowed to be kept there are very small.
    I have been in touch with city officials and it is my understanding that they do not want to do any damage to this magnificent work, buy will have to remove it and then, hopefully find a permanent home.

    The problem is that the means of installation is not known.
    If you are the artist or know the people involved, please contact this email address to indiscreetly discuss the manner the mosaic was installed so as to not do any damage if it is to be removed.

    Thank you.

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  16. Correction:

  17. Our good ole govt... looking out for our well-being. They let developers build stucco McMansions all over the place, and even let them leave half-built ones like Tyvex estates. Heaven forbid they let this religious art stay! Think of the damage it will do to our little minds.

  18. I'll take mythology over intolerance any day.

    Tolerance is a virtue w/r/t something that is different but neutral (not harmful). Brainwashing, violent myths that are used to justify hatred and intolerance, childish nonsensical Bronze Age fairy tales, and magical thinking are harmful and stupid.

    What does that say about one's own belief system if one lashes out so vehemently against the beliefs of others?

    It says that my "belief system" is based on science, reality and critical thinking.

    Anyone who thinks the Surfing Mary is intended to promote Catholicism is blinded by hatred.

    I was responding to your statement, "I hate anti-religious zealots". Tolerating any Abrahamic religion = tolerating lunacy, hatred, and -- wait for it... intolerance. It doesn't take blind rage to understand this -- just education. There's minimal research involved in educating yourself (unless you're brainwashed already...).

  19. Indeed. I already see the religiosity of that artistic expression slowing science.

  20. Indeed. I already see the religiosity of that artistic expression slowing science.

    Note that I was originally responding to this statement by W.C.: "I hate anti-religious zealots".

    If you think our society's acceptance of Abrahamic religions is without consequence, you've got your head in the sand (or the bible).

  21. IF you're talking about the religiosity of stem cell harvesting then I hear you. If you're talking about the religiositiness of the statue then I don't hear you.

    God Almighty gave us the brain. It's up to us to learn how to turn the damn thing off.

  22. Coast Hwy Traders would love to give Guadalupe a home. We have the wall space and are centrally located downtown.

  23. The point no one has acknowledged is that it is a "gift" to us all, and a very high quality, expressive and intentional one at that.

    Think for a moment how many hours it took to create, and the energy to come up with this, not to mention the cost. No small task.

    And it is just given to us all, no questions asked, no ego involved, no artist boastfully saying "mine". No credit asked for, about as pure as it gets.

    If the City/NCTD takes this gift from us, it will be no small matter.

  24. One more for the southside please. That trestle is so ugly, any thing is an improvement. Can't we just keep religion out of the argument please? What ever it really is doesn't matter. It is an exquisite piece of art. It needs to stay put.

  25. Left Coast has a good point.

  26. Agree with "loser". I have no belief system and this piece of art makes me feel happy. I saw someone today mesmerized by it. He was studying it and smiling the whole time.

  27. Perhaps we could all email the City Council and ask them to take all of the "rogue" art that people have done over time, ie: the shark for the Kook; the waves behind the Kook; the Tiki Pirate and this piece and have a place for them to be seen. Sort of like a art garden. I think it would draw a lot of attention to the amazing artists we have in this community and still not deface anyone's property (if that is a concern). I personally don't see it as defacement, but enhancement, and would be honored for any artist in this community to come to my house and paint something. I would even pay for the paint and brushes:) Just a thought. I am going to do it.

  28. Dr. Lorri,

    Great idea. We could put it on the golf course if we stop giving more and more money to Carltas and let them go bankrupt.


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