Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sevy Art


  1. Top 10 reasons to be upset about Sevey Art:

    10. Honors creation as though there is a creator.
    9. Endorses drug use, psychedelic comic book art and laziness.
    8. It's at eye height for children.
    7. Transports one into a fantasy world of a clean ocean.
    6. Not large enough to cover overpriced merchandise inside
    5. Can't see people's mid section from the parking lot.
    4. Clashes with Warrior Up
    3. Take ones mind off the Photoshoped "A" rating
    2. Too soon after tsunami
    1. Bad 70's album art and frozen burritos shouldn't be the cornerstone of society

  2. Very funny but you forgot... Steals from the infamous Rick Griffin artwork. How else are they going to get us to pay for overpriced surf wax?


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