Thursday, April 21, 2011

We Live in Vacation Land: Leucadia

$3000 / 3br - Magical Hacienda Estate in Tropical Garden Setting 4 blocks to ocean (Encinitas)

Date: 2011-04-20, 3:04PM PDT
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Tropical paradise in North County - Leucadia Beach Area. Del Mar Fairgrounds close by (5 miles). Vacation rental retreat with lush landscaped private compound 12000 sf with 2400 sf home, sleeps up to 12 Guests.

Rent the whole property for $3000 per week through June. July and August weekly rates $3650. Short-term monthly rates (main house and casitas) available after Labor Day.

Perfect location for family reunions, and guests coming to attend local weddings! Set in a private tropical garden -- 12,000 square feet of landscaped, lighted grounds with towering palm trees, amazing bird life, incredible indoor-outdoor flow, a main house (1800 sf) and casitas (700 sf) form a horseshoe in the classical Hacienda style. Designer restored and classic Leucadia beach bungalow style, with many paned windows. Private outdoor seating area and entry path for casitas if rented separately. See our calendar, reviews and more pictures at

Our little town still offers enough to entice rich folks to vacation here. Its a great place to live. Let's not let those who would pillage, screw it all up. 


  1. Better tell the vistors not to ride their bike or walk along Hwy101. That road is a known death trap. The City will end up giving all the money to the attorneys and never do the needed streetscape. That is the way they operate.

    Maybe instead of the being interested in the beach, they'll want to visit a sports complex? Yeah thats why they come to our town.

  2. Sorry, off topic.

    "The council majority recently removed the "within 60 days" requirement for items requested by a councilmember to be placed on a future agenda. The reason was that it would be a burden for the staff....this requests was turned around in less than 24 hours."

    ...wait for a 3 -2 margin.

  3. Agreed. Our newest council member is the best dressed hooker I've ever seen.

  4. Your Planning Commission just maximized postage stamp lots, developer profits and created an Government Housing Project in Leucadia. The fix was in from the start. A new precident is established.....Developer wins and dumps all their low income units that they chose to approve all on one property creating a Ghetto Project on Vulcan. Iris Apartments.... It even sounds ghetto. The planning commission was gobbling down all the BS the developer threw out there. After all – Developers are always looking out for the community’s best interest and would never lie to serve their own profit right?

    Oh and OMG I am a poor national developer and I can’t get funding for the project. Well who cares? I think Leucadia is much better off with undeveloped land then building crappy high density bonus and ghetto government housing projects. Just go to, there is an oversupply of affordable housing in our area. 50% off the prices of just 5 years ago. If it doesn’t make financial sense to build it right now, then wait until it does. That used to be the way free enterprise worked in America until we created a socialistic society and everyone expects the government to solve all our problems and wipe our butt for us before we go to bed each night. Sickening. I think I’m going to puke.

    I hope some adjacent property owner sues the shit out of the City for degrading their property values and safety of our children in the vicinity of our local elementary school. Incompetence and sickening at its worse.

    Our Planning Commissioners are panzie sellouts.

    I'm sure they'll be receiving some nice "thank yous" from Shea. Bastards!

    Thanks to the few speakers who spoke with some common sense. Donna Westbrook and others…. At least they have a clear conscious and should sleep well at night. All I can say to the commissioners is Karma Baby Karma. Now everyone knows in Encinitas, you’re a developer sellout and don’t give a shit about quality of life in Encinitas.

  5. This is aided by council majority, (3-2), removing a very fair and competent planning commissioner and replacing him with a less competent commissioner who will abide to the will of the 3/2 majority.
    The fix is in and will continue unless we vote the 3-2 majority that has had a strangle hold on our city for 10 years.

  6. 9:39
    Well, you're half right. Biking N. 101 has never been worse, but walking N. 101 has never been better.

  7. Yeah right. Really walkable.... phfff. you couldn't pay me to walk along that freeway. Its not only me. I see more people walking on Leucadia Blvd then I see on Hwy101. Its because its unsafe for all. I wonder how many more people will die on that roadway in 2011?

  8. I was going to comment on the houses how we live in a great place where people want to vacation, but I guess this isn't the place.

  9. Anna. Can you name one pedestrian who died in Leucadia from walking 101 in the last 20 years? I didn't think so.

    And here's a helpful grammer tip from the internet for so many bloggers who had the same misleading English teacher(s).

    1. (used, as after comparative adjectives and adverbs, to introduce the second member of an unequal comparison): She's taller than I am.
    2. (used after some adverbs and adjectives expressing choice or diversity, such as other, otherwise, else, anywhere, or different, to introduce an alternative or denote a difference in kind, place, style, identity, etc.): I had no choice other than that. you won't find such freedom anywhere else than in this country.

    1. at that time: Prices were lower then.
    2. immediately or soon afterward: The rain stopped and then started again.
    3. next in order of time: We ate, then we started home.

  10. anna...
    you are aware there are sidewalks now?

    except for the very last bit you can walk from la costa ave. to cardiff reef on a sidewalk.

    aside from people actually jumping the curb i think it's better than "unsafe for all"

  11. Winston- and Dwnwrd dog. You appear to have no common sense.

    the hwy101 is not pedestrian friendly. Evidence is given by the number of pedestrians walking. Compare to Neptune or downtown Encinitas.

    The reason peds are so low is its not safe to walk along that speedway and people intrinsically know it.

    I wouldn't walk along that death trap. People regularly travel at over 60 mph on that stretch.

  12. "Compare to Neptune or downtown Encinitas."

    Those two are not comparable. Downtown is very walkable. But Neptune is the street with no sidewalks and no bike lanes for an entire mile north of Athena St. You call that safe? Downtown 101 chose not to include bike lanes in their streetscape, yet they still won the Great American award and bikes still crowd the highway (even though they have a safe bike path striped out on 3rd St).

    You still couldn't name one pedestrian who's died on 101 in the last 20 years. Avoiding the question and saying I have no common sense hides a marble and is mere diversion. Enjoy your Neptune strolls anyway, but stay inside the white lines whenever possible. Stay keen as numerous parked cars force you into the gauntlet. Neither stay too long admiring the sunset from the parking lot at Beacon's. Destined for an avalanche, it's days are numbered.

    There are more pedestrians than ever along 101. Neptune is a nicer walk for sure, with it's perfect homes, endless views and breeze from the Pacific. But safer to walk? Not the way I drink between bars.


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