Wednesday, May 18, 2011

City afraid of what the public might think

City gets a second wind.
From the city:
Pursuant to Section 6254(a) of the California Gov. Code, the City will not be releasing draft preliminary statements of probable cost related to the subject matter of your request.  The City will not be retaining these draft preliminary statements of probable cost for its records.

Instead, these statements merely represent a "work in progress" until a final cost estimate is established for City Council and public consideration.  Furthermore, the public interest in withholding these statements clearly outweigh the public interest in disclosure since they constitute "works in progress" and as such may mislead or confuse the
public or otherwise thwart the deliberative process pending consideration of an accurate and complete final cost estimate. (see Times v Mirror Co. v Superior Ct 53 Cal. 3d 1325, 283 Cal Rptr. 893 (1991)

No mention of Prop 59?

See also: city has been having trouble finding the money.


  1. What decisions are being deliberated behind closed doors?

  2. from the in box:
    The city government decides whether public access to its own activities and processes is in the public interest? City employees determine whether residents are bright enough to handle public disclosure? That's nuts.

    Bob Aronin


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