Friday, May 06, 2011

City Moving on Mosaic

The Surfing Madonna

The mosaic is indeed a special and unique work of art.

Because the mosaic piece was installed without the benefit of the public art review and vetting process issues such as appropriate location, durability and safety of materials, unknown attachment means to transportation infrastructure, and subject matter were not addressed.

The City has retained the services of a professional art conservancy agency (Sculpture Conservation Studios, Inc) to develop recommendations and feasibility of removal and relocation to minimize damage.

The city has been contacted by a number of nearby private property owners who would be happy to display the mosaic for the public to enjoy.

The conservancy firm conducted a site visit last week and is preparing the assessment and report.  The report is anticipated to be completed this week.

Regardless of the subject matter or how it was installed the mosaic is a beautiful work of art. It has generated numerous comments from the public...overwhelmingly positive in nature. The simple message of Save the Ocean appeals to many of the city's residents.

I believe that the City will be able to find a positive resolution to this situation.


  1. She is just a great councilmember. I wish we had more like her.

    Whats up with the blonde. Is she going to stand for anything other than Stock's sidekick?

  2. Why is declaring the art unsafe and hiring an expensive, fancy company in LA to "conserve it" a great thing? It doesn't make sense to me. That art is not going to fall on anyone. If it does, it isn't going to hurt them. Heck, people walk on the beach and dirt/rocks fall on them and squish'em. It doesn't mean the city has to hire out-of-town consultants...errr..wait, nevermind.

  3. Thanks to Teresa and others that have initiated this action.
    The location is not appropriate. We have all seen folks in the street viewing it and cars gawking. And it should be in a location that viewers can stand away a bit to admire.
    I applauded this effort to safely remove the mosaic and find it a better home.

  4. I wish that the City would grant amnesty to the artist(s) who did this beautiful piece and let them show the City how to take it down safely without breaking it. Then it could be moved to a better location so all could see. Do we really need to spend more taxpayer dollars on yet another consultant?

  5. I disagree with Teresa here. But there's a first time for everything. The art should stay right where it is. The suits are killing good art in Leucadia. The mural will be destroyed when a person unfamiliar with mosaic preservation is hired to remove it.

  6. Chris, you're wrong too. The best way to view this mural is up close. And the location couldn't be better because the Save The Ocean mural is in view of the Pacific - a constant visual reminder to not pollute. If NCTD wants to beautify something, it should be the foul graffiti on nearly all of the box cars they permit, assaulting us 365/12.

  7. The artist is the one that has caused this situation.

    The city does not know how the mosaic is secured. Yes, that mosaic could kill people if fell on them. The city has wisely hired professional art conservationists to safely remove the mosaic. This is very responsible and caring to preserve the art.
    The suits are Not 'killing good art in Leucadia'. They are trying to save it by hiring art conservationists.
    And no, the best view is not close up. The best viewing option is to view it up close and view it as a whole standing back from the art, which would place the viewer in the middle of the street. If what you were saying was valid, then museums and art galleries would save space and hang art in narrow hallways and save space.
    Ever seen that done? Of course not.
    Again, thanks Teresa.

  8. Wussie definition: a feeble or effeminate person

    IF the city is going to go down the wussie path, they should go ahead and hire lawyers to oversee the statue conservation outfit in LA. They probably have special law firms (in LA no doubt) that the city can retain for the next 2 years to make sure everything is OK with the new site selection, the safety of all involved and the art's feelings. It would be equally wussie-like to call in a team of counselors and social workers (wussies themselves) to work with the indigenous population of wussies.

  9. Chris,
    The artist is the one that caused the art. The suits are the ones making this situation expensive and will destroy the art in the process. Plus, it's the railroad's property and we're letting the city take on the task of removal? What's up with that?
    If the bridge falls down, yes, the mural could kill someone. But the mosaic is obviously resined to the wall. That's an epoxy which would only make the bridge stronger, potentially saving your life when your car may be under it in a trembor. In my opinion, the only thing that will take the art off the wall is a chisel some kind of gnarly toxic gunk to degrade the resin. It would be cheaper to put a wall over it until some generation with a brain can appreciate it. But if they do that, it might as well be a clear wall so that all can still enjoy it. If it was crappy art, I'd be all for destroying it. But it's one of the best things to appear in Encinitas. As far as outsourcing experts to safely remove it from the wall, that's not what I heard yesterday from the person shouldered with the task, but you know how things change.

  10. I hate to say it, but I completely agree with Winston grammar mistakes and all.

  11. This Chris fellow must be a satan-worshiping, ocean-hater (they're everywhere nowadays) because that art isn't gonna hurt anyone, anyhow, anyway.

    Boo Teresa! You're giving in to the Wussies!

  12. Actually I retract my statement. Normally I like Teresa's point on things, but on this one I do agree with HH and Winston. The great art piece is perfect in its current location. No other location will be as appropriate or stage the art as well. Leave it where it is. There is no safety issue.

  13. I think it would like nice on that seawall down at Beacons that constantly gets hit with lame graffiti.


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