Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Conspiracy Revealed

Just like they thought, it was always about Jerome.


  1. How bout I do a broken tile mural of Jerome and Jim on the OTHER wall? Anyone wanna sponser me? Of course it will not be a elegant as the Madonna but I'll take a couple o' pounds off each guy and make 'em look 10 years youngah.

  2. I'll send you $20 dollars Mary

  3. Mary - that would be perfect, you would have heaven on the north and hell on the south. How big would you make the horns?

  4. I wish I could do all the council members, but if I did Maggie, there would be a clown dancing in front of the mural, and if it were Teresa, Glenn Sabine would put it on the agenda and cost the city $15,000 to "study it", and Gaspar? Hoo-boy...any image less than stellar, and the Rotary Club goons would come and hog tie me, so I'm playing it safe.

  5. I vote for Kristin G. as Wonder Woman on the south wall. MF could name it "Our Lady of Perpetual Campaigns."

  6. Jerome Stocks and brain dead Bond are the only two to vote for denying Surfing Mary to stay.

    Good job Kristen. This a a great example of why Stocks is hated in Encinitas. Special Interests may buy you elections, but when you have negative integrity, your true colors show.

    Save Surfing Mary and Dump Stocks in the next election.

  7. If Stocks is so hated why do people keep voting him into office?? He and Bond should have been out long ago. How do we keep them from getting re-elected?

  8. the majority of citizens are stupid and only vote based on signs.

  9. You mean to tell me, the bigger a campaign sign is doesn't mean the better the candidate?

  10. Winston- you must be on to something. You are not as stupid as the rest of the Encinitas voters.

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  12. I pledge to give each of the candidates opposing Jerome Stocks $100 dollars minimum.

    If you can't make the same pledge, consider yourself part of the problem.

    He will have tens of thousands of dollars being poured into his coffers and wallet from staff's unions, local developers like Myers, and private sports leagues, not to mention other RINO followers.

    The point is "the boy is paid off!" Its proven.

    Too beat him has to be a ground swell from citizens.

    Personally I think the Republicans should give $20,000 to each candidate running against this RINO.

    He is that bad.

    Its that simple.

    Our City is at a cross roads, do we want to end up like Oceanside, or Solana Beach?

    Kristen- Great job on the vote for saving Surfing Mary. Watch who you lay with, you might get worms. You are winning me over. Don't give in to the evil side.

    All you Citizens- Either step up or die trying. Otherwise you life was meaningless.

  13. Anna
    Lemmee see...are you spinning Kristen? NOT buying it. She is part of the problem.


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