Monday, May 16, 2011

Does a name matter?

From the In Box:

Good morning.

It would be inappropriate, insulting and dishonest to name this clearly defined SPECIAL USE PARK a Community Park.

Current submissions for naming the special use park.

Rossini Creek Community Park

Encinitas Heritage Community Park

Encinitas Community Park

Kumeyaay Park

Seaside Community Park

The current plan for a park on the Hall Property is not a 'community ' park.

This fact is collaborated by the Hall Property EIR, the Planning Department,(WHICH REJECTED THE HALL EIR, ALTHOUGH THE CITY CURRENTLY CLAIMS TO IT'S CITIZENS, WAS APPROVED BY THE PLANNING COMMISSION), Park and Rec. Department and the General Plan.

Although it can be shown that the majority of the community wanted a community park. The city funded Godby Servey clearly determined that over 80% wanted a more passive park, public comments showed the majority indicated they wanted a community park and letters and comments further supported a community park as well as public comments at council meetings.

The public was invited to design the park they wanted. The public did. the city recorded the public's wishes. Then the city ignored the wishes of the majority and inserted the directive, "…maximize sports fields", without any public input. At a council meeting, the question of who inserted this directive into the guiding design directive was asked but never answered.

That was the end of a community park design. It was changed by someone. It was not changed by the taxpayers.

During the last election, Council member consistently referred to her support of a 'community park'. What she was in fact supporting was the current plan, which is defined everywhere as a SPECIAL USE PARK. This designation is determined a a legal definition when a park has  a majority of area defined as a special use. In this case, sports fields and not a community park that has more diverse elements offered. This designation is in the EIR.

Although the city has used the term community park, even on documents that clearly state in the documents that it is a special use park, it is not true. the city recently added in the description of amenities, basketball courts. This element was rejected in the original plan, as was tennis courts and other public amenities requested by the public. The map shows no basketball courts or any area where these could be placed.

The city if Encinitas has endured eight years of unpleasant divineness over this issue. It would be a insult to call this plan, which is clearly defined in as a special use park, a community park. It would further divide the community on this issue. It would be a slap in the face of all those Encinitas citizens who fought so hard and for so many years to have a community park, and lost. And it would not be honest.

City web site shows the Hall Park land designated as a SPECIAL USE PARK designation in its recreational land designations.

Cardiffiian II


  1. I am soooo tire of the lame brain Encinitas Residents whining..... Get over it. Your view point doesn't matter. Lets just say it, "If your not a special interested in Encinitas, YOU AIN'T SHIT!"

    Next time Cardiffian put your money where your mouth is and financially support opposition to Stocks and Bond regime during elections.

    Stocks is the evil empire behind this whole Carlsbad Sports Complex.

    I didn't see you rallying the troups, increasing elected voter turnout and giving huge financial donations to those running against the current regime.

    Sooooo until the lame citizens of this town get off their lazy asses and elect someone with a half a brain and one quarter integrity, we are screwed as a City. And, the Sports Complex will be built mainly serving Carlsbad residents while 100% of the construction cost and on-going operational costs are born by the Encinitas taxpayer.

    Its that simple.

  2. Unfortunately, I have to agree with Nancy.
    The powers that ignored wishes of the public and the recomendations of planning commission are still in control.
    The agenda item is at the end of the meeting, to limit comments, and they council majority has stated that they do not want to hear from 'activists' or 'dissidents'
    (read: those that do not agree with them).
    If you care, write a letter to the papers, speak at the meeting or send your thoughts to the council. Sure, it probably won't make a difference, but it is the right thing to do.

  3. They should name it Pettifog Park.

  4. Well, it really is a community park, built for the community of paid soccer leagues. The joke is it will never be funded as planned because the pensions will suck all the money out of the city.

  5. You have that right Violet!

    And the ongoing maintainence cost will also be a financial alligator for the city on whatevers built.

  6. Nice picture, and so historic. I wasn't aware there would be beisbol fields in the new park where big boned gals play nude. That alone will keep Carlsbad away. But seriously folks. The park should have a name harmonious to Cardiff. Yes, something English and monumental. I propose Stonehenge. How cool would that be to drive by on 5, look down and see an exact replica of Stonehenge with naked athletes playing beisbol?

  7. You can call it "Cardiffian Anti-Park" for all I care. How about "Cardiff Glen Tall Lighting Park".

    I just want to see it built and to be able to use it. Now. The fields at Cardiff Elementary, Ocean Knoll, Central, and Capri are a disaster due to over-use and are outright dangerous. If you don't believe me, go take a jog across those fields and see if you roll an ankle in a gopher hole. Odds are you will. You don't need to be a soccer parent to care about this- just a parent of a kid that goes to one of these schools.

  8. What is the definition of community in this city? Divided? It seems the council is not quite sure what "community" is defined as. Rossini creek park would have been consistant with all of the other parks in town. Not a fan of the choice they made tonight.

  9. Last night at the City Council, I, as chair of the subcommittee of the Parks and Recreation Commission, presented to Council the name Rossini Creek Community Park as the P&R Commissions recommendation to name of the new park. There was much dialog before the meeting about whether it was true community park, or a special use park. The Parks and Rec. Commission used Community because we felt it was going to be used by the 5 communities of Encinitas, Most people who have followed the 10 year saga of this park know it is not a true Community Park, and indeed is a special use park, with a heavy emphasis on the sports fields. The Council thought they had a better idea, and in a 5-0 vote named it Encinitas Community Park. The names given to the members of the Council were submitted by the good citizens of Encinitas-175 total names. The list did not include this name. So, it makes me wonder, why do we have Commissions at all, unless it is to rubber stamp what the Council already wants. Nancy has a good point. This blog asked "Does a name matter?" In my opinion the answer is YES. At least Rossini Creek would have honored the geographical location of the park, as well as the people who live in the area around it. It would have said we honor the founding fathers and mothers of the area of Cardiff, known as the Composer District. Rossini was an Italian opera composer, noted for his works, especially the William Tell Overature, and The Barber of Seville. So the next question is where is the money to pay for building anything on this park? After 10 years the City cannot give the citizens an answer, yet it was the citizens that paid for this park. 17.5 million dollars for the land and a 23 million dollar bond that will cost over 40 million when paid off. When will this park be built? Your guess is as good as mine. Stay tuned. Althogh after this post, I will probably not be reappointed to the Commission. I am not a rubber stamp.

  10. A Special Use park by any other name is still
    a Special Use Park.

  11. why do we have Commissions at all?

    Good question. I guess to give council a venue to deflect problem issues, or so citizens that would like to be more involved in City happenings can spend their energy on senseless meetings that don't matter instead of organizing to elect a candidate that can make a real difference in the community.

    Ask any past commissioner if they felt council respected and listened to their suggestions. I am almost certain you will get 95% say that they realized it was senseless and that's why they quite. There are those commissioners that have been on the commissions forever because they don't have much else to do.

    Too bad our City is so imperialistic. It stems from Jerome Stocks- King snake oil salesmen.

  12. I guess by naming it that they were trying to deflect that its true use is the



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