Sunday, May 08, 2011

Hapi Fish Rules!

Friends, this a great place. Super cool, fun vibe and the place is busy. Support your Leucadia 101 businesses! Hapi Fish is located just north of the iconic Captain Keno's. Check it out.


  1. I wonder if the city council has eaten there? If one of those patio heaters falls over it could hurt somebody.

  2. Looks like a dump. It'll be gone in less than a year, guaranteed. Mark my words.

  3. Lotta variables, Rob. Calypso was a cursed location for a long time. Then the right chemistry made it work. The same goes for the Sake House on Jason and 101. Sometimes restaurants leave Leucadia because they outgrow it. Leucadia Pizzeria for example. But that location where the Fish 101 place is going to open I wonder about. Nothing has ever worked there. There are few things harder than operating a successful restaurant. I'll still go an try it out though. I might even invite Sammi. She's been nicer to me lately.

  4. That road has the death curse. Until the road is fixed, all business and residents suffer!!

    That restaurant and the own in the old BBQ place across from Encinitas surfboards are bound to close.

    Get the street fixed. Its the only hope.

  5. I agree with this statement. Buyer beware! Its coming.

    “Pension costs will crush government,” warns a February 2011 report issued by the Little Hoover Commission titled “Public Pensions for Retirement Security.” Writing specifically about public pensions in California, the report notes that the 10 largest California public pension plans face a combined shortfall of $240 billion in 2010.

  6. The only way forward is for the State and all the Cities to declare bankrupcy and let the courts lower existing pension obligations.

    The sooner. The better even for encinitas.

    Jerome Stocks and Houlihan sunk Encinitas with his ushering in 35% increase in pensions for themselves and every City Hall Employee in 2005.

    End the pension payments and start the project payments.

  7. I ate there and it was good. The guy who runs it is cute. I will go again.

  8. again:
    to the pensionists
    (nutty like birthers, deathers, and should-be-rs?)

    you are being deflected by the media you are swallowing hook line and sinker. (fish reference)

    "Most public employees don’t have generous pensions. After a career with annual pay averaging less than $45,000, the typical newly-retired public employee receives a pension of $19,000 a year. Few would call that overly generous."

    "Public servants are convenient scapegoats. Republicans would rather deflect attention from corporate executive pay that continues to rise as corporate profits soar, even as corporations refuse to hire more workers. They don’t want stories about Wall Street bonuses, now higher than before taxpayers bailed out the Street. And they’d like to avoid a spotlight on the billions raked in by hedge-fund and private-equity managers whose income is treated as capital gains and subject to only a 15 percent tax, due to a loophole in the tax laws designed specifically for them."

  9. It's not a dump. It's a very cool place. Cleanest restrooms on the entire 101. Very stylish sushi bar area. The staff is really nice and hard working. The place was filled with plenty of 20-30 year old couples having a good time so I think they have a shot at making it.

  10. My one complaint, flat screen tv's. I hate televisions in restaurants. But they are only in the covered patio area and not the sushi bar.

  11. Sorry drwdwrd. Facts are facts.

    Pensions are killing our City, State and Federal Government.

    Your correct in the government is criminal in bailing out the banks, but that a whole nother topic killing our country and community.

    City Pension liabilities are the reason our City has no money for projects. Period.

    drwdwrd- Care to summarize the total City Pension liabilities over the next 10 years for me?

  12. drwdwrd- Come on. Speak up.

    Here's an exert from Oceanside who is laying off 31 people.

    "Based on everything we're seeing, even with these reductions, our expenses are going to climb next year," Weiss said, largely because of rising costs of pensions and health care. He is projecting a deficit of about $2 million in the 2012-13 fiscal year.

    Why isn't Encinitas laying off people? there is no projects the staff is working on. There is no money for any projects. Its all paying for huge pensions and healthcare benefits forever for the whole family.

    Come on drw. Don't just spew union crap and try and deflect the issue to the evil bankers, and evil "er" politicians.

    Care to summarize the total City Pension liabilities over the next 10 years for me?

  13. Calypso was a cursed location for a long time. Then the right chemistry made it work.

    Funny you mention Calypso. Remember Calypso Fish House?

  14. Another location that's screwed from the road just like us taxpayers are screwed from the pensions.

    Fix the street and you remove the curse and deaths. I bet there is some big suites coming from the recent accidents. There goes more money to lawyers and less to projects.

    We have bad leadership with Stocks in the mix that waste our tax dollars and don’t address the City’s highest properties. Stocks is still hell bent on building a huge regional park that will cost us taxpayers millions per year to maintain for City of Carlsbad Citizens to use.

  15. Why is everyone talking about taxes and pensions in a blog about a sushi restaurant? I ate there the other night and the food was great service was solid and everything is just what you would expect. Talked to the bartender, young guy and not concerned with prior establishments and track record. Agreed about the TVs but other than that the place is gorgeous, I guess they did most of the labor themselves. That in itself is impressive. Try it and see, its a good alternative to what the 101 has to offer.

  16. ok pensionistas, we know how you feel about that issue but a review of hapi fish is obviously not an appropriate venue your rants on this subject.

    i ate there recently and liked it a lot. no reason to be a hater (i'm taking to you rob) about it, we should all support the growth of this part of the 101 corridor. civic and private funds are focused on encinitas 101 (for better or worse) so if we don't support private investment in improving leucadia 101 what hope do we have of a more vibrant corridor along this area? get over your petty bs and enjoy some good food in a location that clearly spent a lot of $$$ and took a risk for your enjoyment.

  17. Rob, Calypso Fish House failed after magician Gill sold it to someone else. That's like saying "We like the tramp idea, but get rid of that Chaplin guy." All the location needs is the right stuff. The Kardiff Kitchen did well and lasted for decades there. Glad it's not another Italian restaurant - as much as I love Italy and its kin.

  18. Nice place. Good food. Happy people. What's not to like about it? Winston is right. There have been a few good eats in that building by others like Kansas City BBQ were doing fine there.It's not the building it's what's in it that matters. Good food will bring people in just look at Le Papagayo, it's packed on most nights. So what's up with the Oyster Bar? Can't wait to try that out too! It about time we got some good seafood on this end of town. I'm told something good will be next store to Surfy Surfy soon. Well done to all of you for doing it on your own. Leucadia 101 is looking good!

  19. no reason to be a hater (i'm taking to you rob) about it

    I'm not a hater, really. My comment on the aesthetics was based solely on the photo posted here.

    I'm only pessimistic about Hapi-Fish's longevity because so many restaurants have failed there in recent years. However, it's been pointed out that my knowledge of the details is lacking. Maybe they've got a better chance than I thought.

  20. Rob, Calypso Fish House failed after magician Gill sold it to someone else.

    I didn't realize, Winston -- thanks for providing that detail.

  21. Rob,

    Don't be such a puss. Stand by your word.

  22. Jack,
    A bigger man admits he's wrong when he is.

  23. Come to think of it, same with Jerome.

  24. Winston,

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is a very big man, usually wrong, and he never admits it.

  25. Don't be such a puss. Stand by your word.

    Ignore newly presented facts? No, that's not my style.


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