Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Let's review the surfing aspects of the Virgin Mary art

We all pretty much love the new guerrilla art installation and number one tourist attraction, the surfing Virgin Mary mosaic, located under the train trestle on Encinitas Blvd.

But it's time to review the surfing elements of the art piece out of fairness for the Leucadia Blog's history of slaughtering of the Cardiff Kook statue.

Let's start by noting that the Virgin Mary artist is very skilled, as is Cardiff statue artist. But, like the Cardiff artist the Mary artist goofed up the surfing part.

Her surfboard has a terrible outline, the curves are all wrong and it looks awkward and clunky. The surfboard was done so poorly that it distracts from the rest of the great work.

Surf art in general comes off as a cheesy cliche.

I do like the way her cloak is catching the offshore wind, it looks like real organic movement.

After accepting the premise that the Virgin Mary surfs and maybe she shaped her own board, which is pretty soul and would explain it's funky outline, my number one complaint is the missed opportunity for the slogan. Save the Ocean? ZZZZzzzzz.

It should have read PRAY FOR SURF.


  1. The wave looks right. She has the correct positioning on the wave and the hands look very soulful. It works as a piece of surf art in my opinion. Yes, it's true the board is not quite right but it looks a little more like an ola board instead of a traditional board. I am not sure what the shark teeth are all about.

  2. the board looks like something you could procure at Surfy Surfy

  3. * She is praying for surf. Clean surf.
    * She's obviously more at home surfing on a clunky board than the kook is on a perfect board. (And by the way, perfect boards are procured at Surfy Surfy)
    * She's in the perfect location facing the real ocean.
    * Agree, the robe looks cool in flight.
    * Overall the colors are phenomenal, surfboard being white and clunky could be better, but the flesh tones the best.
    * The face is beautiful. That's the hardest part of the whole piece - getting that to look good, and it looks great.
    * The mirrored rays are dazzling genius.

    She should stay where she is, but I think NCTD will give the suits in the city the nod to destroy her, on our dime (even though the art is on Railroad property).
    Finally, Ouch Walker O, lighten up!

  4. Seems like she might be heading for the doggie door exit.

  5. Winston,

    That wasn't an insult.

  6. Hey, where'd all the comments go?

  7. There has been some damage to Mary. I feared this would happen. It looks like someone broke off a piece of the robe. Such a shame.

  8. Someone just told me there are more Save the Ocean Lady mosaics in LA. under bridges.

  9. Who could be soooo offended by this exquisite graffiti? I never enjoy seeing a citizen removed from the council chambers but tonight was different and I am not sure why.

  10. Oh.. and thanks to all who have stepped up to save her. I am not sure if 7-11 is the best site only because unfortunatly, the drunks downtown may damage it unless it is protected. It would look real good on surfy surfy's new courtyard!

  11. The proposed solution is to remove the mosaic from the present location with the intention of relocating it permanently on a private site.

    This should be done at no additional cost to the City. In addition, the money spent to date by the City needs to be reimbursed.

    The Leucadia Encinitas Town Council, Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Association and DEMA have begun discussions regarding a fundraising effort to preserve and relocate the art. The intention is that this effort will be custodial and temporary in nature.

    It will be important that the Surfing Madonna finds a permanent home that will allow it to be viewed in an appropriate setting for many years to come.

    This proposal allows the City to dispose of the art in an appropriate and responsible way. It will also give the citizens an opportunity to continue to experience this piece. In the future, it will become an important artifact within the City and many will come to view it.

    To place the Madonna in a private setting that is available is a win for all parties. There should be no rush however in determining it's final location.

    Lastly, the actual ownership of the piece is most important because along with the stewardship will come the rights and royalties to the image. This could be significant in the future, so we should choose wisely.


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