Sunday, May 29, 2011

Leucadia Greenhouse Neighbors ask for City Review

Last weekend a group of Leucadia residents filled the Orpheus Park picnic benches. They were meeting to discuss the development at the end of Hymettus, where the soils were known to be contaminated with banned pesticides.

The developer has been trucking in huge amounts of soil for weeks and leaving the neighborhood streets a mess as the trucks drop collateral dirt on the city streets. This creates dust that blows across the houses and parked cars. I'm sure some folk would like their cars washed on the developer's dime.

Others in the neighborhood are accumulating evidence that their new health problems are related to the toxins that originated from the site.

The neighborhood set up a petition. A signature provides support for having the developer, the county and the city inform, dialogue, and protect the residents of Leucadia. That may help preempt future problems at other greenhouse developments.

At the council meeting last week the Mayor agreed to agendize this issue, according to one email we received. More signatures will help, because, sometimes the council agrees to hear an issue but then conveniently forgets about it (the best example it the open government ordinance!). Another example is the Quail Gardens Drive property blunder in motion. The council recently went against having a requirement to have requested items heard within 60days.

The city better be on top of this dust and toxics issue and not need 30 days to prepare. They should be prepared already and only need to organize.


Side note: Some of the soil coming into the site is clean soil from UCSD (see below).


  1. It's gotta be clean soil if it came from Camp Callan (current digs of UCSD), the old army barracks in the 40's that buried everything they didn't need any more.

  2. Signed it. Please keep the link visible -- above or in place of the mosaic petitions. Thanks.

  3. Yesterday I noticed a City crew washing off dirt off Orpheus North of Leucadia. The crew wore no masks. Was the dirt that was removed [sprayed and swept to the side of the road] tested for pesticides ? Was this the correct or incorrect route for the trucks from the contaminated site to take ? If the residue dirt was contaminated does it now reside on both sides of Orpheus ? Was there any notice to the property owners on Orpheus that this was going to take place ? The City obviously moved much faster than normal - it took over twenty years to resurface this section of Orpheus, which was just done - "normal" street cleaning ? I doubt it.


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