Friday, May 06, 2011

Leucadia's Coast Highway still dangerous


  1. There is no good reason to not lower speed limit and stripe off the one lane north right now!

  2. What happened in this accident? How does it prove that Leucadia's Coast Highway is any more dangerous than any other road?

  3. Rob,

    Can you say anything else to make you seem like a moron?

  4. As a ten-year resident of Neptune Avenue, the two most common problems I've witnessed in the Leucadia section of the coast highway are:

    1. SUVs and other trucks parked at the curb of the southbound lanes of the 101 often obscure one's view of oncoming traffic, which often makes turning onto the coast highway from the bluffs a gamble due to a lack of visibility of oncoming traffic.

    2. Illegal u-turners and illegal left-turners who stop in the traffic lane and block 101 traffic as they wait for an opening to complete their illegal u-turn.

  5. Ralph - no joke.

    McDuff - right you are. Stopping in the fast lane on a highway to make a U-turn is pretty idiotic. And parking an SUV or larger on a blind corner is criminal negligence. Opening a car door without looking first has ruined many a biker's day. The streetscape addresses all these problems.

    Rob - right too. All roads are dangerous. It's just that 101 could be a lot safer with slower speeds and other traffic calming measures. It just depends where people are willing to draw the line. We still have about 50,000 deaths a year on America's roads. Most of those would go away with slower speed limits. Nearly all of them would go away with a 15 mph speed limit, but nooooooooooooo. We'd all rather take our chance. What's that say about our priorities?

  6. Oh. I got it Winston. I had to re-read your comment 4 times. Its a double negative. You must be an attorney. Try and write things without double negatives. More people will understand your points.

    After finally understanding that you support lowering the speed limit and striping of one lane, I agree with you.

    Good logic, but bad writing.

  7. I'm like you Ralph. I can dish out a double negative, but I hate it when I have to figure them out, and that's most of the time. You're right about another thing. If you make understanding double negatives a second nature, you will pass any bar exam with flying colors. Or is it won't pass without flying colors?


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