Saturday, May 21, 2011

Local Dude Files Suit Over Access to Record

Link to News 10 Coverage 


  1. The roads in Encinitas are fine!

    The real question is why did we pay a consultant $2 zillion dollars to find problems?

  2. HH,

    Vulcan is a wreck. Also check out the roads in Leucadia east of I-5. The potholes are insane.

    I think there's a conscious effort to fix the streets where all the the new money lives and neglect where the old-timers live.

    And Leucadia gets the shaft. Streets are friggin' sweet in Olivenhain and Encinitas Ranch.

  3. I agree that citizens should be able to see a report (i.e. piece of paper) for which we paid $2.8 million. But WC, you need to stop with the drama. Compare our roads to any non-yuppy neighborhood. Heck compare them to La Jolla. Or try comparing them to Mexico, LA, NY, you name it... whine about those roads. Leucadia has good roads and good people. I was amazed at all the thorn pickers who turned up on the railroad track at 8 am yesterday. There are so many valid things to use your whine on. Roads are not one of them. If any local politician runs on "bad roads" for the next election I'm going to personally pick all their signs up and toss them in the garbage.

  4. HH,

    The roads could be a heck of a lot worse. The current conditions of the streets is not the issue. The future condition of the streets is.

    Have you read the ($80,000) report?

    At least look at it.

    Here is the link:

  5. Before someone makes a pension crack. Yes, its like the pension problem. It is "fine" now, but we are building up a lot of liability that someone is going to have to pay for in the future.

  6. The roads will get a lot less wear when gas is $20/gallon.

  7. Thank you Kevin, and I agree. The main issue is not the roads; the issue is open and transparent government. Unto witch we do not have here in Encinitas.

    There is a willful and systemic neglect of our city’s mandated obligation in providing information and documentation to the public.

    The city is accountable to the public and should operate that way. The city is not in a position to decide weather or weather not information may or may not be harmful if released, except for some very unique circumstances.

    The city should be forthright and deliberate in making their actions and information transparent and accessible. Not the current M.O. of making it difficult and defaulting to holding information apposed to releasing it.

    Thanks again Kevin for the blog and your efforts in holding our city accountable. We all win when we hold our government accountable. Roads, parks, fire dept,water dist, and land purchases, we got a long way to go. Lets keep the pressure up.


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