Monday, May 02, 2011

Negotiation 101

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What not to say before negotiating the salary for a new city manager:

With broad grins, Encinitas council members announced [Gus] Vina's appointment to the post immediately after a 20-minute, closed-to-the-public meeting Monday afternoon.

"I think all of us are pleased, almost giddy," Encinitas Mayor James Bond said, describing the council's unanimous decision to offer Vina the job and his eagerness to accept it.


His salary is still in negotiation, and will be the subject of a public meeting later this month, council members said.

This is a guy without a job who wants to live in Encinitas and would take this job for half what the city is going to pay him. And they're going to give him a fat pension to boot.

On the plus side, he's an outsider, so he's not (yet) beholden to Encinitas' Good Ol' Boy network. And he's 50, which is almost retirement age in government work, so he won't accrue too many years before retiring to Pension Fat City. Hopefully he's already rung up a doozy of a pension on Sacramento, so he won't have to ding us too badly.

More on Vina's resignation from his last job (and a favorable review of same) here.


  1. A lot of people should be happy that an outsider was selected, because that was their primary request. I'm hopeful that this will begin a new and better chapter for the city.

  2. You and me both. Best of luck Guy! We can use it.


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