Thursday, May 26, 2011

Solar for Encinitas

From the in box: 

Citywide Solar Program Supports the Creation of a Strong Solar Community

SAN DIEGO, CA (April 22, 2011) – Local business owner Daniel Sullivan has a vision of creating a strong solar community out of Encinitas by offering incentives to all residential, commercial and municipal properties with an Encinitas Solar Program. The innovative program allows residents to go solar for little to no upfront cost and receive substantial cash-back awards for their involvement.

The San Diego County locally headquartered solar provider, Sullivan Solar Power, launches the comprehensive solar advocacy program April 25, to inspire residents in declaring energy independence and making a longstanding impact on the community.  Participants who sign up before July 11, 2011 will be eligible to receive cash-back incentives at a level that is twice the amount of the current California state rebate.

“Encinitas’ Solar Program is designed in a manner that will create a critical mass and encourage as many residents as possible to go solar, and hopefully, lead a solar energy revolution where we shift our dependence on fossil fuels to renewable resources,” said Sullivan.

The community solar program will incentivize Encinitas residents to encourage their neighbors, groups and friends to go solar.  The more people who sign up, the greater the discounts will be.

There will be two educational solar seminars for residents on May 7 and June 11 at the Encinitas Community and Senior Center, 1140 Oakcrest Park Dr. The presentations will inform residents about solar technology, rebates and incentives and Encinitas’ Solar Program.

Additional information on the program can be found by calling 1-800-SULLIVAN or by visiting

We know some readers have already checked this out. What do you know? 


  1. The current rebate is only 35 cents per watt. On a small Leucadia house that would work out to be $1050 (assuming a 3kw system that might cost $15k-$20k).

    The service provider (Sullivan) is just eating another 35 cents per watt. If this were a legit solar program, they'd specify WHO is actually funding the additional cashback AND allow the resident to choose the installer. It's a little misleading to say it has something to do with Encinitas.

    This is just like your local car dealer cutting the price of a chevy by $1000 and calling it a cashback rebate. Maybe they found a way for you to get some cash from the financing company... but it's still coming out of your pocket eventually.

    So, I'd be wary of "no money down." Some of these solar leasing & financing programs have BRUTAL terms. Also, there's a federal tax credit that is still hefty but its days are numbered and you want to find out if you get that or not.

    CCSE on Balboa is a good source for solar info ( I would not learn about solar from a solar contractor. Their job is to sell you as much stuff as possible. They would be thrilled to oversize your installation because it means more money for them.

  2. Damm HH-

    that's the first post you actually sound half way intelligent. Well done.

  3. Bubbleinfo has a solar post up today.

    In this case, it costs $19,000 after rebates and tax credits, which means you'd need $200+ monthly electrical bills year-round to make it pay itself off over 8 years even at a 0% discount rate.

    Most Leucadia people don't use nearly enough electricity to make it worthwhile. You'd have to run the A/C all the time and have a pool pump too.

  4. If you take a random sample of 100 houses in Leucadia, I would bet that maybe 80 of them would not be good candidates for solar (as far as investment returns). Of those 80 that don't work, unscrupulous installers will install on half of them anyway and the residents won't mind because they financed the purchase and/or they like to feel good about saving the world.

    However, for maybe 20 out of 100 houses in Leucadia, solar panels could be a good financial investment (less than 10 year payback of your cash). It will always be a better investment if you can do it yourself.

    You never know if your house is good until you look at your house, it's roof, it's existing electrical system, energy usage, many factors... if you own your own home, have a south facing sunny roof and aren't afraid of electricity... then you are off to a good start and you might be sitting on a gold mine.


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