Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Westbrooke Declared Honorary Leucadian

Donna Westbrooke appealed the planning commission's decision to segregate all the poor peoples from the new density bonus subdivisions. The appeal would have made our elected representatives responsible for this precedent codifying policy.

Clipped from the April 15th Planning Commission meeting agenda:

 On the agenda an admendment to a resolution.

 At the end of the agenda a notice that there was 15 days to file a request to have the decision reviewed by the City Council.

According to Westbrooke, she filed less than 15 days after the decision. The city rejected her request. They said she needed to file within 10 days, not 15. Click to read the agenda.

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  1. Someone does not want this to get in the news.

  2. I agree. She is definately an honarary Leucadian. The City is creating a ghetto by the sea on vulcan and all the surrounding property values and quality of life will suffer.


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