Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy now?


  1. The downtown needed Whole Foods. It's been too long since Community Market was there. It will make good synergy with all the businesses downtown. That creepy tin Coast Dispatch building was the eye sore and made 101 look like an industrial alley. This place looks vibrant and helps people put good stuff in their bodies, no longer limiting food choices to heavily salted snack treats at the liquor stores and 7-11, or pricey diners at whopdeedo neighboring restaurants.
    I for one like the architecture. I do realize it has drawbacks: close to the train, and the condos will probably remain empty until kingdom come, but they do have ample parking below so far.
    Get over it. Go get a watermelon and chill. What a beautiful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That court yard is way undersized and looks ghetto. Not a very nice space to hang out. We should learn from the Europeans and others around the world and value open public space.

  3. So true Jared, I knew that from the first drawings shown. The fact is the developer limited the courtyard space in favor of more residential units and larger retail area to bump up the proforma.

    Gotta get that lending if you're gonna build.

    That project could have been better with a larger "public space."

    We should get ready for a lot more Pacific Stations if the economy shows any signs of life.

  4. @ LC

    The sweet part about density bonus is you get extra units. Projects pencil out a lot easier. The economy doesn't have to turn around. The loss of our town's charm is near an end.

  5. I went to Whole Paycheck and $easide Market ... Just Peachy remains the most peachy.

  6. I love Just Peachy...actually affordable and the staff is amazing

  7. I didn't factor in on the size of the courtyard. They could gut a few of the condos on the 2nd level that will never sell and make a great food terrace.

    Whole paycheck. Good one.

    And great stuff and personel at Just Peachy for sure. I was in line there once and Amir the owner was talking to the person ahead of me in his native tongue at warp speed. "Badelabalabadaabalabameck" or something like that. I said to Amir, "Are you guys from the same town?" and he said "Yes! Carlsbad!

  8. Funny story about that.

    A gay guy I knew in San Francisco called it Homo Foods because it was a good place to pick up dudes. He used this term all the time around a girl I knew.

    So one time this girl is shopping in Whole Foods and strikes up a conversation with another shopper, a gay guy. The talk turns to prices, and the guy says, "You know what they call this place, right?" And without thinking, she blurts out, "Homo Foods," and he walks away horrified.

    But seriously, Whole Foods is awesome. Pacific Station condos are a train wreck, and the parking situation is a problem, but just walk or bike.

  9. You know what they'd call that place in Oceanside, right?

  10. Margins at Costco are 12%, Kroger 22%, Walmart 25%, SuperValu 22%... Whole Paycheck makes a whopping 35%! I understand some of the stuff they sell costs more than the stuff other grocers sell, but then they go and mark it up even more (as a %).

  11. HH,

    True dat!

    But it's a free market, and some people are willing to pay up to provide their families food that is not full of hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals.

    I'm a cheap SOB, but clean food is one thing I'd pay up for.

  12. HEY WINSTON!..." longer limiting food choices to heavily salted snack treats at the liquor stores and 7-11..."??? I'm guessing you drink heavily to believe that liquor stores and 7-11 are the only places to buy FOOD in Encinitas; that, or else you have some unwarranted fear/phobia of (the multitude) the grocery stores that have been in Encinitas for eons!
    And "...pricey diners (?) at whopdeedo (sic) neighboring restaurants"? You probably meant 'dinners', right? Whatever... there are many dining establishments on Highway 101 that serve healthful, affordable, DELICIOUS dishes!!!
    The building is disgusting and VERY out of place in down town; the very sight is like a smack in one's face from a dead fish - cold and shocking!
    Whole Foods will certainly bring people down town, for a while. But after the proverbial 'bloom' is off the rose and the exorbitant prices empty one's wallet once or twice I guarantee it'll be a ghost town. I give it 8 months to a year.

  13. Susan dollink. You're right about the way I spelled what should have been "dinner". Nearly every other point you made however is incorrect.
    Convenience stores are about all we've had to choose from in a long time on 101 when it comes to groceries / produce. Everyone knows east of 5 is where prices drop on food, especially that possessed produce from the 99 Cents Only store. The Pacific Station is too congested for sure, but the architecture has a lot of articulation and good colors. The round roofs on the condos look great too. It's light years ahead of the big ass windowless rectangular tin barn it replaced, and makes downtown a lot more interesting, vibrant and better connected to local businesses. (The tin barn was a dead zone for about 5 decades). But I 'll give you five bucks if Whole Foods withers away in one year. That'll keep your whole family full of pasta for a week when you load up at the 99 cents store.
    I wasn't really dissing 7-11 or liquor stores either. There's a lot to be said for eating apples or bananas - the two fruits they sometimes have available ripe to anyone on the coast.

  14. Im pretty psyched that Whole Foods is in Encinitas. I get why people don't like it (Id prefer if we had a smaller shop like People's co-op in Ob, but.. we don't).
    Truth is, you can't compare Whole Foods to Just Peachy or even the Cardiff Market when it comes to organic food. If you aren't buying organic, you are buying really dodgy stuff. Its a sad fact. I know not everyone can afford organic, and thats an even sadder fact.
    If you are going to buy conventionally grown food, don't shop at whole foods, because you will indeed spend your whole paycheck on the same crap you can buy at Stater Bros. Get stuff at the farm stand on La Costa and Saxony- a lot of it is conventional, but at least they have local options- and cheap for sure. Just Peachy may be a local business but that produce comes from all over the place and same goes for the Cardiff Market.
    I do my best to buy the few organic things that Just Peachy has (alas, not produce, but some baking stuff) to support small business. Same with Cardiff Market.
    And dont forget! The Farmer's Market in Leucadia is still a great option-best of both worlds- organic AND local.
    Jimbo's (though could also be considered a chain) is still a somewhat "local" business that carries good quality stuff. But they also have peppers shipped in from Israel, so you gotta be aware. Whole Foods is not innocent in this category but the fact is, they have options.
    Its important for us to have QUALITY food in Encinitas, so I welcome Whole Foods, but you still have to be choosy if you want healthy stuff. And even choosier if you want it to be local.
    I must be a weirdo though, because I thought the courtyard was ok. Sure beats sitting on the edge of the parking lot like you do in lots of other outdoor seating situations around here.

  15. Scientists put a bunch of expensive organic vegetables under an electron microscope and compared them to a bunch of grocery store vegetables. They couldn't tell a difference.

  16. "Scientists put a bunch of expensive organic vegetables under an electron microscope and compared them to a bunch of grocery store vegetables. They couldn't tell a difference."

    HH, that's because many times scientists couldn't find their butt if they had a bell on it. A microscope is little more than a visual tool. The reason they couldn't see a difference is because one of the fruits is almost immortal - frozen in time through irradiation. Take the two fruits and do your microscopic test in two months. One of the fruits will be dead. The good one. It doesn't take an overpaid scientist to discover why some apple cores or banana peels never turn brown. All it takes is me. That crap is irradiated. If you see a sunburst on a fruit sticker, don't buy it. Food is designed to decompose in your body for proper nutrition and digestion. But leave it to scientists to mess with nature's balance so food has a longer shelf life i.e. it will benefit the grocer, being up for sale longer, and looking as fresh as the day it arrived. Similarly, the dead flesh we're sold is pumped with antibiotics while alive so critters don't die before they're slaughtered. Marketing takes precedent before health and safety in our country today. Did I mention cigarettes?
    I like science when it's not political. Oh! That's what they mean by political science.


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