Friday, June 24, 2011

Jerome Starts a Community Dialogue

Jerome Stocks should be thanked for participating in public dialogue. All too often our public leaders don't try to hard to engage the public and help them to understand what is happening.

See ‘Encinitas Silver Anniversary Blues’ simply the product of exaggerations, by Jerome Stocks

Because of this openness we now know a few things. Jerome addresses a few criticisms, doesn't get all the facts right, and shows how contorted his defenses can get–a very limber analysis of finances indeed.

Borrowing is easy when you don't consider the interest payments as part of the cost of purchase!

Stocks shows that he can be frugal on small items. Too bad they didn't publicly comb through the city's budget the same way, or show the same level of concern when taking on its big projects over the last 10years. The library cost $500,000 extra (according to the friends of the library), so that Dalager could get reelected, but Jerome will never admit that. Examples of $100,000 blow its are all too common. We even have million dollar examples! When you blow millions it gets tougher to pay for the little things (or big things like the Hall park).


  1. Stocks is struggling mightily to spin a rosy picture of the abysmal financial situation on the Hall property purchase. The city didn't pay cash for the Hall property. It borrowed money and is stuck with repayments of $1.4 million annually until the year 2031. It means this money ($28 million) is unavailable for anything else. Like street maintenance! Or building the park!!

    Does Stocks have a mortgage? Surely he knows if you don't make the monthly payments, the bank will foreclose. The same thing will happen on the Hall property. If the city misses payments, it defaults and loses the property.

    Stocks has bungled the city finances big time. He voted for big pension and salary increases for staff. Now he refuses to consider pension reform. The man is in denial.

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  3. I attended the June 22 Encinitas City Council meeting and I felt sad. I was sad for the skateboarders, who still don’t have a real skateboard park after 10 years of promises. I want a City Council that can deliver a community park on time and on budget. I was sad for the people who live near the development project on Hymettus Street suffering because of inadequate environmental protections, monitoring, and enforcement. I want a City Council that demands that County and State environmental officials do their job and protect the health of the citizens. I want a City Council that cancels the permit for the construction if the developer violates the requirements for environmental hazard mitigation. I was sad for the people speak so often and so eloquently about open government and then the Council goes to court rather than release the draft of a traffic study, and then spends more time and money on an appeal. I want a City Council that isn’t afraid to let citizens see what their tax dollars are paying for. In the next election I hope the voters select different Council members who support open government, open meetings, and have open minds.

  4. Stocks sunk the City's future finances by voting in the huge 35% increase in pensions in 2005. In one vote, his pension was increased along with everyother person that works for the City and all the city taxes now go to the employees and not to projects.

    The City now has no money for projects or maintenance, but the City Employees retire at 55 rich.

    Stocks is the biggest nightmare Encinitas has had in its 25 years.

    A bloody RINO that sells out to special interests every chance he gets. Sickening.

  5. The library should have been a $5 to $10 million dollar project, it was $10,000,000 overbudget.

    Similarly, the fire stations should be about $2.5 million each max., not $5 million.

    The problem is the City has no accountability for budgets. The leaders at City Hall are incapable of staying to any budget or schedule.

    A good start to having a better City government would be to vote out Stocks in 2005

  6. When will we have the opportunity to vote the scum out?

  7. A home is a necessity, so long term financing is a reasonable decision. A park is a luxury so long term financing is not a fiscally sound decision, especially when it is being built to serve special interests where most of the participants don't live in Encinitas. We should charge a usage fee for everyone who doesn't live in Encinitas.

  8. Once again the City drives us deeper into debt and fails to explain its actions fully. Remember this on election day.

  9. The next council election will be in November 2012. The terms of Stocks, Bond, and Houlihan are expiring. It seems Stocks will be the only candidate seeking re-election. Houlihan has health problems and Bond seems to be fading fast.

    Stocks, Bond, and Gaspar appointed Alice Jacobson to the Environmental Commission on Wednesday, and this was over more qualified applicants. This was a calculated move to position her for a council run in 2012. If Houlihan needs to resign, it is almost guaranteed that the majority will appoint Jacobson to finish her term. The fix is in.

  10. Jerome Stocks is the devil for Encinitas.

    With his 35% increase in pension in 2005 he did more harm to this City than any developer could.

    I can't believe the people of Encinitas haven't run him out of town yet.

    Why are Encinitas voters so lame?

  11. Beth-I don't think that Encinitas voters are lame, I just think that most people do not take that much of an interest in local politics. Because of this, the City Council can usually get away with almost anything. For example, how many people know that Elizabeth Taylor was not reappointed to the Environmental Commission, and instead Alice Jacobson was appointed. Then one has to ask, who is Alice Jacobson? You may know, but I would bet that the majority of Encinitas voters don't. And, she is being set up to be one of our next Councilpeople. And the hits keep on comin' at City Hall. Most people don't have the time, or inclination, to do their homework on who their local councilpeople are. The irony of this, of course, is the only thing we can probably change, as citizens, is our own community. Most of us cannot do much about large scale events, but we can make a small difference in our own town. Of course, that is also difficult when much of our town is run by people with a lot of money who don't live here. Fo example, I find it sad that Marion Ross is the Grand Marshall of Cardiff's 100 year anniversary. She was allowed a varience to build up to 29'6", literally blocking 7 residents views, and she does not live here, except occasionally to visit her beach home in Cardiff. Those of us who live here, got told to "get over it'. Mainly because it was Marion Ross! These things happen every day, but until you become one of the targets, most people sit back and don't pay attention.

  12. The power structure is protected by their backscratching friends. Everyone cares about public safety and nobody knows about the city fire fighter misconduct and mismanagement.

    Anybody know why Dr. Lorri won't answer questions about the fire fighter management?

  13. Starman-I know why I won't say any more on the FD, but I don't intend to share it on this blog. If you would rather me not post anything that I hear or know on other issues, please say so, and put your name on it if you have the courage of your convictions. You keep on suggesting something is terribly wrong the EFD. I disagree. End of story. You are beginning to sound like an old broken vinyl record that the needle stuck in to. There are lots of other issues within this City. I just shared something kind of interesting, IMHO, and you are back to the FD. What's up with that? Is that the only issue you are concerned with in this City? If so, WHY? Why don't you ask the Fire Chief, get the City records and figure it out yourself? Then you won't continue to have to ask me what I know or don't know. Problem solved.

  14. DR. L

    What do you call it when the city won't release documents it doesn't want the public to see? Why do you say that is not a cover up?

    You came out with your guns blazing shooting at anything that looked towards the Fire Chief. Sure looks like you are what's wrong with this city. You keep suggesting there was nothing wrong at the FD and when the documents were forced out you ran away. You say you know the Fire Chief, have the records, and again want everyone to believe you that no one fucked up. Everyone thinks you just don't know how to admit when you were king kong wrong!

    Please keep posting. It will remind everyone of what is wrong with the city.

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  16. Just an FYI-I don't have any guns to blaze. Try your other friends. Perhaps they do:) Sorry, it was too good to resist. I will attempt to keep my comments on the straight and narrow, but don't feed me straight lines like that.

  17. Dr. L,

    I'm an old hippie, well, not an old, old hippie, but a middle-aged hippie, and while I share the sentiments of Bob Dylan in Knockin on Heaven's Door (Mama, put my guns in the ground / I can't shoot them any more), I'm pretty sure Dylan was referring to offensive use of weapons. Kind of like the Clint Eastwood character in Unforgiven.

    But given the current economic crisis and the real possibility it could devolve into social disorder and unrest, I think it would be prudent for all households to have some weapons for defensive purposes in a worst case scenario.

    Think of it as an insurance policy you hope you never have to use.

  18. Dr. Lorri,

    I agree with you 73.2% of the time.

    You comment about encinitas voters not being lame followed by reasons proving that they are lame.

    They should care and follow their City Politics.

    When they don't, I call that lame.

  19. W.C. and Beth=Points well taken. Will reconsider my positions on both. Thanks.

  20. Dr. L,

    Are there any links to any newspaper accounts that show Marion Ross did something wrong? Please send. This is an important criteria for you, no? Maybe it is the same for the Cardiff organizers?

    I still have not been contacted. Please have your representative contact me. I want to run a few things by them about a few things that you have written.

  21. "Fo example, I find it sad that Marion Ross is the Grand Marshall of Cardiff's 100 year anniversary. She was allowed a varience to build up to 29'6", literally blocking 7 residents views, and she does not live here, except occasionally to visit her beach home in Cardiff. Those of us who live here, got told to "get over it'. "

    To villianize Ross is misdirecting your anger. She did not make any decissions, the planning commission did.
    "get over it"

  22. No, Chris-The City Council made the decision about Ross, after Kerry Kusiak came to all of our homes, and it went thru the planning dept. and the planning commission. I believe Alice Jacobson was on the Commssion at the time but I could be wrong on that one. Would have to go over my notes, and I don't have the time or inclination.
    Kevin-Since I have nothing more to say to you at this time, about this, or anything else,I suggest if you are interested in the Ross case you can go back and ask for the Public Records Request on it. People get height variances all of the time. One of the things that bothered me, for those who REALLY care, was the attitude she had at the meetings. At one point even Jim Bond asked her to reconsider lowering the height. To which she said to her attorney, "I want my vaulted ceiling." If she lived here, it would be one thing, but she lives in L.A. To me, it is a constant reminder that the rich and powerful in our City get what they want, and always will. When I called her to ask her to reconsider on behalf of my family and the other neighbors, she told me to "NEVER call her again and to fuck off."
    There was a piece on it in the Coast News by Steve Michailovich when he was around. I also think Logan may have written something about it, but again not sure. It has been a long time. So, as someone said "I should get over it."
    The bigger issue, however, is we keep saying we don't want the rich and powerful telling us what to do, and getting things others don't, but then they do it, we turn our heads. Perhaps many of you are just playing a game of trashing the City, but doing nothing about it. If you think this issue is ridiculous, I consider you one of them, as it shows how disingenious your protests really are. One standard for the rich and another for the rest of us. I guess you are OK with that.

  23. See Dr. Lorri,

    I agree with you on your last post and I think that help show how lame Encinitas voters really are. Too let the special interests always win out over the common good is bad governance. Our residents are clueless.

  24. Dr. Loooori

    We are happy you know why you won't answer the question. We are waiting with bated breath for you to tell us why you won't answer. Do you know why you won't explain why you won't answer?

    "I for one, am waiting with bated breath" A classic Dr. Lorri quote to Steve Mieche when she started on her war path.

    Just answer the question Dr. Lorri.

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  26. The Planning Commission met on November 16,2000 to discuss the Marion Ross variance. It is Agenda Item 12 and Case Number PC 00-100. The resolution number is PC 00-78. Anyone can look this up on the city website and read the details. The minutes are very complete, as this was before the city starting doing only action minute.

    An appeal to the city council must be filed in ten days and heard within 30 days. I could find nothing. The Planning Commission decision is final unless appealed. The city council never discussed the variance.

    Alice Jacobson was chairman, and the vote was 3-1-1 with Birnbaum - Nay and Crosthwaite - Absent.

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  28. Cardiffian-Are you saying you could find no records of minutes of the appeal to the City Council for the Ross findings from the Planning Commission? Unfortunately, due to the software the City uses (Laserfiche) I am unable to do a check for myself. I have even had the Computer Geeks try to help me, but until I get a new computer, I am stuck. This is interesting if there are no minutes for Council. Either I am going senile, or something is not right. I know some of you will chose the first, and, you may be right:) I will go thru all of my own records on this case and see if I can find the City Council minutes. I could say" I must be mistaken on appealing it", but I distinctly remember 2 things 1) Paying something like $100.00 to appeal the decision and 2) Jim Bond's comments. I truly hope I have forgotten and the error is mine. I would not want to think our City would hide a Council document.

  29. I have been consistent. The responsibility lies with the city administration and ultimately with the council when permits are issued that are messed up.

    The point about the newspaper is the point that you made about the FD management issues. You strongly implied that if it didn't make the daily paper then it wasn't important or should be considered credible. Did you mean something else?

  30. To All: I am wrong about the Ross appeal. I did not appeal to Council, so Cardiffian is absolutely right. I appealed the Tattoo parlor in Cardiff, which is where I spent the money, not on the Ross decision. When I am wrong, I admit it. And this time I am wrong. However, she still did get her 29'6" variance which did mess with 7 other neighbors views. But, as many of you have said "views are not that important anyway, I did find in my notes a memo from a realtor that said we would lose $50.000 from the value of our home if the variance went thru. When I asked the City about it, they said that it could not take that into account.So there you have it. DR. LORRI APOLOGIZES FOR HER MISTAKE.

  31. Kevin: It is best if I leave this blog. Most of the time I get trashed, and then when I give away some news, it gets turfed back to me again. If none of you are concerned about Jacobson being the newest council member before 2012, then oh well. Have fun playing games with the City. Think I will stick to actually getting something accomplished if at all possible. Adios to all. May your lives be filled with love and joy. I wish each and every of you the best in this world. If you ever want to contact me,except Kevin, my email is Kevin-you can do whatever you do but leave me out of it. When the time is right, you will hear from me via a more personal source.

  32. I've wanted to help you. I want to help you. Have your representative contact me this week please.

  33. Oh Dr. Lorri,

    You sure are an emotional one. Blog Anon like 99% of the the bloggers and it takes the stress out of it.

    The dirt bags out there are ruthless, so don't give up just go anon.

    We have heard this before. My bet is you'll be back. Just don't make big claims like I am going to get term limits started, or I am leaving, or _______. Just treat it as a blog for gosh sakes. Its entertaining and informative at times.



  34. So, it's OK that she is Grand Marshal for Cardiff's birthday Parade then?
    NCT is doing a story on it tomorrow.

  35. I don't even know who she is. I guess I will google her to find out whats the big deal.

  36. The mom from Happy Days. Big Fing deal. Its not like we are talking about someone legit like Fozy or something. Its the old mom that was a second rate actor and never added anything to the show except for acting mom like. Boring.

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