Thursday, June 16, 2011

Park to Cost More than Budgeted... Just Weeks Ago

Entire document here: Well that's just 5 pages. There must be more stuff because it has taken since October 2009 to do this.

Don't forget this credible closed government move. Or the park fantasy budget talk by the council majority's icon.


  1. Screw the Regional Sports Complex. The City should use the $9,000,000 to complete the streetscape improvements in Leucadia. That would be money well spent with an excellent rate of return from increased taxes realized by higher property taxes from higher property values, Higher business sales tax from a more prosperous business district, and more Transient Occupancy Tax from more visits staying in Encinitas.

    The City Leaders are morons for prioritizing a regional park that will do nearly nothing for the average citizens and will cost millions to maintain, over a streetscape that will repay for itself many times over in 20 years following its completion.

    In 2012, make it your goal to elect City Council members with intelligence.

  2. I like the way you think Becky. Something concrete. Something with payback. Something more sustainable. Something for everyone who lives in or passes through Leucadia.

  3. To say nothing about the most important item in your comment: We must educate the voters and get the vote out for unbiased, unbought city council members in the coming elections

  4. Wow! Estimated construction costs of $17,969,600 are a whopping 50% above the figure of $12 million the city was putting out a very short time ago. I would say there was a little bit of disinformation going on.

    On Wednesday night the Patrons of Encinitas Parks made a presentation to the council about raising money to help the city with park costs. Looks like they got a pretty big job ahead. With a claimed $9 million in the Hall property park fund, the patrons will need to find funds for half the park construction.

    Gaspar promised help here. Will she come through? With her CFO experience it should be a walk in the park.

  5. First.... It is NOT A COMMUNITY PARK
    If it was a community park and the city had immediately done an appropriate EIR on the greenhouse property, which added about $1.5 mil to the cost because of a lost law suit and delays of about two years, causing interest payments with no progress, holding the 'draft EIR' for 18 months for political reasons, we would be enjoying a real community park NOW.
    The responsibility of all this extra wasted funds and no park now or in the immediate future is the 3-2 majority's fault.
    Now the city is asking citizens to pay AGAIN, outside of taxes, to help fund the Special Use park for the minority.

  6. The brochure that the Patrons presented to the Parks and Rec. Commission said it was a special use park. So they knew that going in. I cannot help think that the Council saw it too. So, I don't know what to make of it. Gaspar used to be on their Board, so perhaps she can help raise the money. Of course, there will be more signage, but I guess that isn't a problem for anyone.

  7. At the council meeting during the presentation by the Patrons of Encinitas Parks, Joey Randall never used the the words "Special Use Park." He did play a slick video about the Hall property park that never showed a soccer field or lighted sports fields. Instead is was all open spaces, family picnics, hiking trails, and lots of trees. All was more suggestive of a passive park rather than a sports complex.

    Randall also said that as a non-profit 501(c) they are apolitical. This is laughable, as they all support Stocks. Stocks profusely thanked them for staying so late and being so patient. He never does that for people who oppose him.

  8. Cardiffin: Joey never say anything about a special use park at the Parks and Rec. Commission meeting either. However, they gave us a very slick 4 color print glossy brochure that had special use park on it. They also showed a video of a passive use park. They were also rather secretive about who is on their Board and who they would be hitting up to donate money. And, of course, as I mentioned, that company or person's name would be on the field or whatever. I remember Jerome saying that if a large corporation wanted to buy up the whole park that would be OK with him. Part of my problem with this is the City took out Lease revenue Bonds to buy the property to give us a park. We did not vote on it, as the kind of Bond they took out did not need a vote from the community. Where did all of the money go? The bond was for about 23 million, if my memory serves me correctly, and the land was 17 million. So that leaves 6 million plus what they already said that they had. Now, they are saying we don't have enough money for even the first phase, which was to include the 5 sports fields, the 2 acre dog park, and the skateboard park. The total land is 44 acres.

  9. I am waiting with baited breath.

  10. Those improvements to mitigate traffic were separated - - which means "ain't gonna happen".
    Thanks City Hall.


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