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Perhaps some enlightenment is warranted here, and you might want to do a bit of research and amend your response.

The way you addressed Mr. Meiche as “LA City Firefighter Steve Meiche” is not appropriate.  He has been addressing you and the Management of the City of Encinitas, as a concerned resident of over 20 years, homeowner, father, and member of the ETA.  His 30 years of experience in the Los Angeles Fire Dept gives him knowledge, experience and credibility of his concerns.  He is not representing the Los Angeles Fire Dept in his inquiries.

Bloggers note: Meiche has been active in watchdogging and organizing going back to the 90's and the majority of the issues he has championed have not been related to FD management. 

Muir's Statement:

“The actions the City has specifically taken during this time period in response to misconduct or violations of policies within the Fire Department have been made available to the requesting party. I do not know of any other city that has allowed this type of information to go public (including the City of LAFD).”
This is inaccurate.  The Los Angeles Fire Dept has a practice of making employee misconduct and corrective action public record.

Please refer to

Your Statements:

“The process that led to the release of this information was very deliberate, since it involved personnel matters. The city consulted with the City Manager, City Attorney, Personnel Director and other individuals as to the extent of the information that could legally be released. The City could not officially comment on these cases of misconduct until it was determined that doing so would not violate individuals’ rights. Care was taken with the release of this information—which Mr. Meiche unfortunately characterizes as a “cover up”.”

Under the “Brown Act”, you are mandated under state law to release the requested information no later than 10 days after request.  This release of information took [a long time].

bloggers note: Written requests for information on the incidents were sent to the Chief in February. The Chief refused to share any information at that time. He wrote that such information was confidential.  Most of the council, including Barth, did not act on the requests for assistance in gaining information on the incidents. Stocks responded strongly, but was not exactly helpful in releasing the documents. The city changed its mind months later on the cusp of the Cummins legal victory and the support of Calaware.

“As an Encinitas resident, I am very active in volunteer efforts and organizations serving our community (personally raised many thousands of dollars for both the Encinitas Library and Quail Gardens; as well as contributions to many other local charities).”

blogger's note: As fire chief he's does have a lot of disposable income!

“I expressed an interest in becoming a member of the Encinitas Taxpayers Association (ETA) in an e-mail to Kevin Cummins on December 31. Within a week’s time, I was invited to the ETA’s January meeting and asked to speak for 15 minutes, answering questions about specific fire department issues (response time/staffing, management practices and fire stations). As with my involvement in any other community group, my interest was not related to my position as Fire Chief and I envisioned my participation in their group strictly as a private citizen--not representing the Encinitas Fire Department and independent of my job duties.”

As the Fire Chief you are subject to the “Hatch Act”, and are to maintain an apolitical position with respect to the city that employs you.  Soliciting or maintaining membership in any political organizations and/or activities within the city of Encinitas either on or off duty is inappropriate, unethical and quite possibly illegal.  As a member of City Management you should be willing to attend meetings to discuss your official duties and responsibilities.  Your avoidance of the ETA meeting as a guest speaker due to potential uncomfortable questions is simply cowardice and unprofessional.

David Smith
bn: Caring Encinitas Resident


  1. The author of this post has proved that he will offer fiction for truth in his past offerings. I will use this fact in judging this post.
    Sorry, Dave.

  2. Chris,

    Which statements need independent support?

  3. The author of this post has proved that he will offer fiction for truth in his past offerings.

    Chris, what previous statements are you referring to?

  4. Chris

    Like starman and rob, I am not aware of any posts of mine that are misrepresentative or fictional. Perhaps you might be a bit more specific for me and I might be able to clarify it for you.

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  6. Oh I remember David Smith..... He is the wack job that says Roundabout will not work and they will cause chaos in Leucadia.

    Um Dave, I hate to tell you, but.... The existing roundabouts on Leucadia Boulevard are the only well functioning intersections on that road and throughout Encinitas.

    The only crashes that occur at the roundabouts are from wasted drivers that shouldn't be driving in the first place. Go do a records request on that one.... Therefore the roundabouts are again providing a positive benefit because they are saving Innocent victims from Death by a wasted DUI driver.

    In my opinion, If N. Coast Hwy101 would have had the streetscape and roundabout improvements in today, the latest 2 fatalities along that road would not have occurred and 2 more people would be alive today.

    Delaying the improvements is now a liability for the City. Any unnecessary future deaths, are blood on the City's hands, because everyone knows that road is deadly. Other Cities throughout San Diego County are losing millions due to wrongful death suites due to neglecting known dangerous road conditions.

    Dave, I hope your smarter and have more common sense on Fire Department issues if you are offering your opinion. I for one think your credibility sucks.

    Meiche, Stay far away from this loser.

  7. David thinks the round abouts and one lane north will slow emergency response time. He made the mistake of saying that publicly.

    David doesn't bring that up here. Chris and Joe can't stand that David spoke his mind and disagreed and they really don't like him for that.

    Chris and Joe, what is wrong with what David wrote about Muir's response? If there were anything wrong with it you would be piling on.

    If there were anything wrong with it, Muir would have responded himself.

    I don't agree with David on the streetscape but he cares more than me to put his name on what he writes.

  8. Joseph and walker

    The main issue here is not “roundabouts” it’s the credibility and transparency of our Fire Chief and our city management. Regarding roundabouts and Streetscape, this just happens to be another significant issue where our Fire Chief has failed us.

    I would be happy to meet with you or anyone at the Pannikin for a cup of coffee to review the DOT and NFPA specs concerning road design and emergency response routes. This might give you a better perspective of my concern over the streetscape design.

    I think you will be surprised in how much we agree concerning streetscape and the current problems with Hwy 101. I hope you all agree that the main and overriding issue here is the credibility and transparency of our fire chief and city management.

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