Friday, June 03, 2011

Tony Goes for Full Frontal Transparency

Dear City Council,

I'm writing to ask you to reconsider the need to go into Closed Session to discuss the appeal of the decision of Superior Court Judge Timothy Casserly in the Kevin Cummins vs. City of Encinitas case. The public deserves to hear your deliberations about whether to incur additional costs in an effort to deny the public access to public records.

If the City Attorney insists that something about the possible appeal must be discussed outside of public scrutiny, at least vote to open up afterwards and inform the public as to what your vote was and your rationale.

Here's a link that speaks to my request:

Thank you for your consideration.


Tony Kranz


  1. The facts shouldn't be a secret.
    The law shouldn't be a secret.
    The case is about the law and the facts, or should be. The only thing to hide is a weak legal hand.

  2. Why are you using this childish mucked up photo of Tony? I thought you considered him to be one of the good guys, no?

  3. Rob:
    Bob Dole called. He wants his dullness back.


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