Thursday, June 16, 2011

We're just victims of those CalPERS bullies

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Jerome said he would respond to this commentary. Current odds are running 5:1 that he will wuss out.


  1. Ah Jerome Stocks,

    Why don't you start by saying way you voted in a 35% increase in public pensions payments to yourself and every City Employee in one vote. Then you turn around and approves building all brand new fire stations for his union buddies in excess of $20,000,000. You gives away all the tax dollars to pensions and union perks and then tries to say with a straight face that times are tough and there is not any more money for other projects.

    Get the word out, What a loser, RINO Stocks is at heart. Vote him out in 2012. He is bad for Encinitas, He is bad for California, he is bad for America.

  2. Another dance around the May Pole by Stocks. "We don't assume anything, we just pay the invoice." Hmmmm. Isn't his job to make sure that what we are paying for is legitimate, necessary and accurate? Isn't it his job to be our watchdog over the financial health of the City by questioning clearly unsupportable financial returns? Is he saying that CalPers is too big to fail? Is he saying that the pension debacle he created is unfathomable to him? Perhaps it is time the tin man stepped down as he clearly will never reach OZ to get that sorely needed brain.

  3. I meant scarecrow in this analogy....but he is also a tin man cause he has no heart.

  4. From Barth's Newsletter
    A Mockery...

    From the City's website:
    Citizen participation in local government is strongly encouraged by the City Council. Citizen volunteers provide time, talent, knowledge and enthusiasm to add to that of elected officials and city staff. The skills and commitment to public service of willing Encinitas' citizens is an important and renewable resource to provide the services the whole body of citizens needs and expects.
    There is currently a vacant position on the Environmental Commission. The city received applications from four very qualified residents and one application from Alice Jacobson, who was appointed to the Commission for the Arts this past March.
    According to the city's policies a person can not serve on multiple boards at the same time. She will be required to resign from the Commission for the Arts before the council makes its selection at the next council meeting.
    Ms. Jacobson, by her own admission, has no environmental background.  She served for many years as a Planning Commissioner. She was a strong supporter of developers and was often rude and condensending to neighbors who spoke in opposition of a project.  I know...she referred to me and some of my neighbors as "the little people from Cardiff"
    It is obvious that she already has the assurances of three council members that they will appoint her to the Environmental Commission. This is yet another blantant effort by the council majority, primarily Jerome Stocks, to silence diverse opinions and prevent meaningful public discussion. 

  5. Chris: I once asked Bob Nanninga if I could make a difference in Encinitas by serving on the Parks and Recreation Commission. He said NO, but it looks good if you want to run for City Council:) I think that about sums it up. IMHO, Bob was very wise and knowing when it came to maters of this City.

  6. Dr. Lorri is right. Commisions are a waste of time. Council continuelly ignore there recommendations. The only positions that matter in this city is Staff and Council in that order.

    If you want change vote in new blood and not dead blood like Jacobson. She will be another crony for Stocks. What ever happened to the Dan's buddy the plumber?

  7. Dr. Lorri,

    Was Bob for open government?

  8. Dr. Lorri,

    I guess that means we can count on you to run!

    You'll be a great addition to the council and you'll get support from both sides of the isle as long as you stop waffling and take a strong stand on this misconduct problem.


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