Sunday, July 17, 2011

Corpo sandwich joint fails in North Leucadia


  1. The vacant lot soon to be drive thru starbucks would have been an awesome in and out location.

  2. Good riddance and good message to franchises. Stay on El Camino Real. The Mobile station still has potential for something productive going in there.

  3. AGRUSAS !!
    Used to be in Oceanside in the 70's
    Now in Escondido

  4. The Mobile station still has potential for something productive going in there.

    Haaaa ha ha ha ha ha!

  5. Like Rob's stand-up club.

    I'm not making jokes -- I'm laughing at yours! ;)

    All kidding aside, what do you think would work there (and why)?

  6. Over priced gas station and limited parking leave few options for success.

  7. Rob,
    101 lacks ice cream. In the 30's, they sold Avocado Ice Cream on 101. Paramahansa's favorite.
    As bad as ice cream is for us, we crave it almost as much as pizza. And how many pizza places have gone belly up in this town? I can name one in the last 100 years. Mmmmmmmmmmm, what a shiny pizza place that would make next to the Mobilmart.

    Loser Leucadian:
    I believe they have 25 parking places at the mobile station/empty business building (not counting the potential 8 vehicles parked while getting gas). Leucadia Pizzeria should have that many parking places. Thanks to Leucadia Town Council for recommending there be just 2 businesses there instead of the 4 that the builder wanted. That also provides more parking. I guarantee you if you opened a pizza parlor there, you'd have to change your blog name. Why? Because even if you can't cook, they say bad sex is like bad pizza - even when it's bad, it's still pretty good!

    We already have a cannibis club next to the Plant Lady. I think they should call it the Plant Man.
    Not very clinical sounding, but in a town where there were business names like Artsy Fartsy, Creating Feelings, Da Kine, Tar Baby, Ruby's, Journey's End, City Sushi and City Wok, I think it would fit right in.

  8. Winston, put your money where that huge mouth is and you finance and open a pizza joint in that location. Pffff. You have a ton of hot air, you could bake the pizzas with your breath.

  9. Winston,

    Haggo? You were supposed to keep that on the down low.

  10. @Winston-

    Ice cream bad for us? No way, if it's well-made with real food ingredients (like I make at home all the time). I hope you haven't fallen for the fat-free, cholesterol free nonsense (only bad science and profit-motives are propping up that fraudulent notion now).

    I'd love to see more non-franchise, mom-n-pop real ice cream parlors along 101 or anywhere in Encinitas, and I will go out of my way to support them if the product is good and not full of cr*p. I won't step foot in a fro-yo or soft serve place, though, non-franchise or otherwise.

    I used to drive out of my way to the ice cream place that was in Cardiff Town Center a few years back (& a few businesses back) specifically because they made their own ice cream. The owner used to call me when my favorite flavors were in.

  11. Well Skip, you can't say I didn't get a rise out of everyone.

  12. W.C.

    Will you marry me? I'm just askin...

  13. Winston, 25 spots. 8 are for the minimart. 2 are for the air/water machine. We are really talking about 10 parking spots for the other tenant. About the same as Leucadia Pizza. Factor in navigating the people filling up with gas all day and more spots being delivered by a big truck once a month and it's a great place for a pizza joint. I do love the mural of our coastline that is there and would love to bike to eat ice cream with my kids there. I do think that a deli/ice cream place could work. If not local ownership then a Ben and Jerry's would be my choice! Hago's the bomb!

  14. Anyone remember Chili Coast Burgers? Mmmm Burger! We have no burger joint on this end of town. I love mexican food but a good burger and some ice cream... So good! What happened to the Sonic Burger that was to go up on Santa Fe?

  15. Does anyone know of a gas station restaurant that isn't a fast food chain?

    How would people feel about a Burger King going in there? Taco Bell? :(

  16. The place is beautiful, but the location is franchaise poison, and another one won't touch it with a 10' pole. Franchaises need to make at least 2K per day to survive. They also need a business district with more than two lanes of traffic and demographics with more than businesses only on one side of the street. The owner is cool and I'm certain would allow any serious and qualified party to open another kind of eatery there, afterall, no one wants their buildings empty, and if it's a good thing, all the better for the gas station as well.

  17. I do have to agree with Anna. I think that place was called Cardiff Creamery, or something to that extent, and it was amazing. Good smoothies too. Why'd they leave that spot?


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