Sunday, July 10, 2011

Don't park to go talk art

From the in box: 


Thought you'd be interested in this: my neighbor got a $43 parking ticket yesterday in a residential neighborhood in "new" Encinitas for parking in the wrong direction.  He spoke with the parking enforcement officer who said they're increasing the parking enforcement.  Thought this was timely because of this article in the UT:


Also from the in box:

I thought you might dig this art hunt I am "planting" in Encinitas.

For my newest project, I have teamed up with the E Street Cafe with the
organization of an art hunt titled 'Hide and Go Seek Doodle: Encinitas'.

8 hand painted Doodle paintings will be hidden in the downtown Encinitas
streets. 100+ clues will be available at the E Street Cafe Sunday July
10th. Click the below link for all the project info:

I will be in the E Street Cafe for the majority of Sunday to answer any
questions. Hope to see you there!

Bryan Snyder


  1. Del Mar parking enforcement is out of control. I got a ticket for parking in a church parking lot on a Friday night in Del Mar, while dining in a very nice restaurant.

    I won't be going back to Del Mar to patronize restaurants or any other business for fear of a getting a random $45 ticket.

    Encinitas should take that to heart.

  2. It is surprising that anyone would be surprised to get a ticket for parking illegally backwards or in, I assume, a posted no parking/private property lot.

  3. I think its surprising that somebody would be surprised so much to miss the main point of the post. That being that parking enforcement is increasing in order to raise revenue for our city. There isn't an illegal parking crisis in residential Encinitas that is affecting local businesses like may be happening in Del Mar or downtown Encinitas. Though its a nation founded on laws, some laws are more important than others. And that our city is now patrolling residential neighborhoods to catch minor offenders is a disturbing sign of the times.

  4. Guess what else? They're not sending car registration fees to motorists in CA anymore. You gotta go to the DMV and wait in line to pay renewals. Why? Because there will be a miriad of people who will lapse and get tickets. The gov is doing this because of "budget cuts" but what a farse. They're bleeding all they can from us. They can't spend 8 cents to send us a bill for $65 and more? On the bright side, sales tax went down a whole percent. Go figure.

  5. 8:00

    I'm guessing that means you won't be worshipping at that church either?

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