Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dr. Laura Secretly Consults with City

"Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door." "Buck up little campers, the Magic Carpet Ride is who you are with. Accept that the statue reflects what Encinitas has actually become, not what you wish it was."

Translation: stop making lemonade out of lemons.


  1. It is not art until the government says its art.

  2. I think the Van Gogh depiction was well executed, original and added value to the work. What was the damage other than to the egos of those who approved its prominent placement as the nose on the face of Cardiff. Nothing immoral about a nose job once in a while, besides, somebody at the City is still employed plodding towards that 55 year golden parachute because he or she is now the official Kook-Buster.

  3. What would be more disrespectful of the artist? Allowing the community to continute to create its own cultural identity, or tearing a rediculous, and poorly executed statue down? If we can't decorate the kook, the "Remove the Kook" rhetoric will just intensify. Doesn't this ass understand that we live in a beach town because we appreciate a laid back, as opposed to up-tight and snotty, lifestyle???

  4. Bryan is lucky "art experts" weren't hired to inspect the "damage", deem it removable, and charge the city $2000 for their time, then sue Bryan for the costs. It is a puss letter, (and a paper trail), but Phillips is just doing his job, and when I saw the cover of CityBeat, I knew trouble was coming. If you wanna be a guerrilla artist, you have to remain underground. Unfortunately, you are now on their radar, Bryan, and signifying about the Van Gogh costume was a dumbass move.

  5. As I understand, the art was indeed damaged.
    I did not see anyone complaining about the costumes,
    just the damage that was caused to the bronze cast art.
    I see no problem in having it repaired and having someone
    who acknowledged their wonderful costume escapades
    pay for any damage. That the other artist that has augmented the art named himself is his fault.
    Someone is doing the repair work. The artist and Danny.
    With that said, I too, love the creative adornments that have appeared, but Richard, (the city did nothing wrong, here).

  6. Danny? Dalager? Is that court-ordered community service?

    The community hated the original Kook, but loves the costumed Kook. So it seems to me if we have to spend a little to repair the base (or leave it unrepaired), that's a small price to pay for an ugly duckling that's turned into a beloved icon.

  7. It's Danny Salzhandler, a local artist, who will help with the repairs.

    Danny Dalager has been keeping himself scarce. Anybody seen him?

  8. Does the city fine the pigeons who deface the statue with feces? The feces is corrosive and creates minute damage. What is the point of a piece of public art that is breakable? Not very good planning.

  9. WC is right again. WC consider a council run.

  10. I was wondering what Danny D. has been doing! I have a job for him.

    We have a squirrel infestation in my orchard, and I was hoping to hook up with a recreational squirrel hunter!

    This could be a REAL win/win situation instead of an appearance of Quid Pro Quo!

  11. Shooting guns is illegal in Encinitas. Even BB guns.

    How are we supposed to hunt squirrels if we can't shoot BB guns?

  12. Oh shoot!

    I thought that I had found a good new vocation for him since the sharpening shop closed, he lost his yurt, and that banking position seems to have dried up.

  13. I hear Danny is still a dead-eye with his sling-shot at 2 yards...


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