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It was pointed out to us that a recent post by Anna was incorrect.

W. Bush is not a white collar criminal.
Obama is not a white collar criminal.
J. Stocks is not a criminal of any type.

The Leucadia Blog is sensitive to elected officials who may be hurt by blog comments that include figures of speech used loosely.

We have no idea who Anna is. We hope she will clarify or defend her statements without using unsubstantiated accusations, freaking hilarious humor, sarcasm, or figures of speech that might cause any elected officials heartburn.


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  2. What the hell?

    that was a chicken shit move to remove my comment.

    What gives. Did Encinitas no. 1 criminal call you or something?

    Lets see.... to explain...., I called the Encinitas citizens dumb, because they are. There is no other explanation when they elect morons like Jerome Stocks and Danny Dalager to office.

    I called Obama, W Bush, Tim Geithner and Jerome Stocks white collar criminals and I said the list goes on. They are stealing our money and our children’s money. To explain these few names as criminals is simple.

    Obama and Bush- 1. Send trillions of USA tax dollars to other nations for senseless occupations that have zero benefit to the American Public all without ever a declaration of war by congress. And the invasions and occupations are growing. 2. The whole bailout of the To big to fail banks was criminal. Just watch an "Inside Job" and you'll understand all the criminal activity. This is also why tim geithner was named as a criminal. 3. Quantitative Easing is a made up term for devaluing the dollar. Devaluing the dollar steals money for anyone with a savings account. The FEDS under Bush and Obama have devalued the dollar big-time over the last several years.

    Lastly, Jerome Stocks. Jerome Stocks in one vote gave away over $112,000,000.00 of tax payers money over a 20 year period. This money could have been used to really benefit Encinitas citizens and business, but noooooo, Jerome decided it was better to give it away. How? by approving a 35% increase for his own pension and every other city Employee pension in 2005 in perpetuity! (meaning FOREVER!). How do I get that figure? its actually greatly below the real number. My assumptions include say 200 encinitas city employees. say the average wage is $80,000 per year. Before Jerome Stocks bullshit move in 2005, lets say those 200 employees on average would have retired with at 40% of their highest paid year thats on average $32,000 per year. Times 200 employees gives $6,400,000 per year. Now thanks to Jerome 35% increase gift in 2005, that same group will now retire at 75% of their highest paid year on average say $60,000 per year forever. For 200 employees on average that totals $12,000,000 per year in retirement pay. The difference between the payouts before and after Jerome's action equals $5,600,000 a year. Over a twenty years the cost of Jerome's 2005 fatal blow to the tax payer is $112,000,000. If that's not criminal, I don't know what is?

    My assumptions are conservative if anything. If you don't think all the names listed are criminals, then I don't think you think clearly. Go out tomorrow and breathe the fresh air off the pacific and then rethink all my points. I think you will then agree, they are all criminals and are stealing our money and our childrens money.

    My name is Anna. I live on the second floor. I like big butts and I cannot lie. I have to admit I find HH very attractive in his photo..... although W.C's comments get me wet.

    KC-Are you going to delete this comment too? and what was that open anon move and then closing it? Everyone post anon anyway (except me and a few others like Dr. Lorri. But her skin was thin and she had to leave). You are just preventing freedom of speech. Whatever happened to encouraging open communication, not discouraging it?

  3. I have read Anna's comment and her speech is protected under the First Amendment, but this is a private blog, so the blogmeisters can delete at will. Anna calls many leaders criminals and offers reasons. There is a ring of truth in the accusations. There should be nothing in the US that is TOO BIG TOO FAIL, because if there is, then it violates the ANTI-TRUST laws. We already have the mechanisms in place to deal with bad debt and BK, use them.

  4. One last comment. In 2005, the employees knew they received a huge gift and Jerome sold out the public. Watch the video of that council action. Right after they vote to gift a 35% windfall pension increase to all employees you can hear the cheering and clapping by the city employees. They won and the public got SCREWED in the ARSE!..... and I don't like Anal.

  5. One minor correction on Anna's comment- Jerome Stocks' 35% pension increase wouldn't take you from 40% of last year to 75%. It's multiplicative, not additive, so 40% x 1.35 = 54%.

    But Anna is completely right on the big picture. Jerome Stocks' pension giveaway to the unions will cost Encinitas tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, before we either get pension reform or go bankrupt.

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  8. I don't think so W.C.

    the formula for retiring changed from 2.0% x (number of years in PERS) X (your highest paid year) to 2.7% x (no of years in Pers) x (your highest paid year). That is how I came up with my change in on average 40% of their highest paid year verses 75% on average of their highest paid year. As we know, once the employees are hired, they will never leave, so most will retire with over 90% of their highest paid year. They don't need to perform, they just need to put in time. With the higher pension, there is no way an employee would leave now. Its like a huge windfall profit sent from the taxpayers.

    Check into it and let me know what you find. I think your wrong on this one, but I am all ears big WC. Do you like big butts or tight plastic looking ones like mine?

  9. Anna,

    So if the original average was 40%, that would mean an average tenure of 20 years because of 2% per year service.

    Take that same 20 years average service we're assuming and multiply it by the new Jerome Stocks bonus payout of 2.7% and you get to 54%.

    Now of course the new overly generous conditions could, and likely will, encourage staffers to stay on longer, causing the cost to taxpayers to be even worse.

    If you know any kids in high school, tell them not to bother with college. Take any job they can get with the City of Encinitas, work easy hours, and then retire at 55 with a multi-million-dollar pension.

  10. I agree with your math and also recognize that I was assuming that the higher pensions would encourage longer City careers which will easily lead to the 75% of highest paid year. Just look at the list at these pension payouts as just a few examples.

    HEISER, DONALD $144,258.12
    HILL, DARLENE $101,198.52
    ROMERO, ROBERT $101,111.52
    TUFTS, TALMADGE $115,200

    A year forever! No wonder there is no money for parks or anyting else. For these 4 retirees, they are getting about 500,000 a year. and the list of encinitas retirees is big but will swell in the next 10 years.

    Your right about the multi-million dollar pensions. My kids are already scrubbing firestation floors to try and get into that gimmick.

    So why don't you answer my question to you?

  11. As long as the fools of Encinitas keep electing Jerome Stocks, our City will be heading in the wrong direction. Remember Jerome is a leader in North County Transit District and yet he has done nothing to address the issues of ridiculous and expensive tickets for crossing the railroad preventing most people to walk from the east to downtown businesses. He has don't nothing to address the goathead thorn issue, the blight, and preventing of the old growth trees being cut down. He is only good at giving away our tax dollars to the unions.

    Hopefully some day the word will get out to all the uneducated of Encinitas, Jerome Stocks is bad for Encinitas.

    Anna, while I can't answer for WC, I like your butt over the big version. Can you post a picture please?!

  12. I'm with Buck. We need pictures.

  13. Buck,

    I didn't ask you, and I am not into sexting


    Your acting a little naughty. You bad bad boy.


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