Thursday, July 07, 2011

Encinitas Solar Program

Received this message via Facebook.

Dear Encinitas Residents,

Encinitas' Solar Program comes to a close in just 2 weeks.

So far, the City of Encinitas has committed to install 40,789 Watts of clean renewable solar power through this Program. There are currently 184,932 Watts in proposals that are being reviewed by community residents. Encinitas has the profound privilege of doubling the State rebate through participation.

Do not miss out on this opportunity, SDG&E rates are continuing to rise and you will not find a better deal on a quality solar power system. All program participants must sign up no later than 11:59PM on Monday July 25, 2011 in order to be eligible for the substantial incentives.

Sullivan Solar Power has run this same program in Coronado, Poway, Escondido and Vista, saving the combined community residents over $150,000 collectively on their solar projects. It is important to note that in all of these previous programs, over 65% of the participants signed up in the last week. We encourage you to sign up earlier so that the community is inspired to hit the 2nd and 3rd milestones, translating to more savings for everyone.

Please support the vision of building a strong Encinitas solar community by spreading the word within the community to all your neighbors, friends and networks. Residential, commercial and municipal projects are able to participate.

If you have any questions or are interested in receiving a free proposal to see how you can go solar for less than your current electric bill, please call 1-800-SULLIVAN or visit to sign up before it is too late.

*There are several solar companies based in Encinitas and the Leucadia Blog does not endorse one over the other


  1. Lots of marketing to get people to buy this cockamamie stuff. I'd rather my money get used to build the sunrise powerlink.

  2. I rather my money go towards guns to protect my family when all they shit goes to hell within the next 5 years.

    Vote out the losers and lets get out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya,Israel, and God knows who else all of our tax money is going to support.

  3. Perhaps we could fund more helicopters flying over my house at midnight shouting at me about some 14 year old who I am certainly not getting out of bed to look for... What the hell was going on last night?

  4. yeah can someone please tell me what that chopper was all about?

  5. Call the sheriff's department and complain. (760) 966-3500.

    14 year olds can take care of themselves. I need my sleep.

  6. He bettter not be knocking around my at midnight. You can get hurt doing foolish things.

  7. HH you got that right. I'd let everyone know what happened, but let's just say his mom was worried about him from another state and called the police because he ran away. Helicopters never bothered me when I was 14 and enjoying a midnight during summer vacation. Geesh. I rather dislike them at 4am when they're looking through my roof.

  8. I rather my money go towards guns to protect my family when all they shit goes to hell within the next 5 years.

    I bet Jack is a Goldline customer.

  9. Goldline overcharges. The dude in the shop at 101 and E Street is fair and has good prices, as does Liberty Coin in Del Mar.

    In these times of mass money-printing by the Fed and other central banks, I think everyone ought to own the currency that can't be printed: gold and silver. 5% to 10% of your net worth would be a conservative place to start. Stop into either of those local shops and the proprietors will be happy to teach you the basics (Liberty in Del Mar is probably friendlier for newbies).

  10. If you got suckered in by this "Encinitas Solar Program" gimmick that deceptively looks like the city is behind, which it is not, please get a competitive quote from one of the many local solar providers. I know of one personally that will beat any quote Sullivan has with their every day low prices.

  11. If you did get suckered in to the "Encinitas Solar Program" gimmick, which the city has nothing to do with..please get a competitive quote from a local solar provider before signing anything. I know of one provider whose everyday low pricing will beat Sullivan's gimmick..and you don't have to rely on others going solar.

  12. choppers flying low on 7/16/11 at 3am

  13. Back where I come from we called those "Ghetto Birds."


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