Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Encinitas Undercover Cross Post

Appeals court to Encinitas city lawyer Glen Sabine: You have absolutely no case!

It was bad enough when Glen Sabine used public money to fight public access to public records. He claimed that oversight from public/media/bloggers would make it impossible for staff to conduct city business in secret (which is the entire point of public records acts -- you're not supposed to be doing secret deals and hiding financial problems from the public!!!).

But when a judge told Sabine that yes, the Public Records Act did indeed apply to Encinitas no matter how much they wanted to hide their dirty laundry from public scrutiny, Sabine persuaded the city council to appeal! In a blatant display of reckless disregard for both the spirit of public records acts and limited city financial resources, Maggie Houlihan, Jerome Stocks, Jim Bond, and Kristen Gaspar voted to waste more money filing a meritless appeal trying to keep an old road report secret from the public. What are they so desperate to hide?

Well, on the same day the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared in Cardiff with a message of hope and change for Encinitas voters, the 4th District California Court of Appeal has told Glen Sabine to pound sand and turn over the public records!

The arrogance and paranoia of this council knows no bounds. They are already threatening to waste more money taking this completely frivolous appeal to the California Supreme Court. All so Encinitas residents can't see some public road report that might be politically embarrassing to the council majority.

LB NOTE: City Attorney Glen Sabine is exactly who the council majority wants running the show. He will back up the council when they frequently violate the law.  He will act to bully citizens into submission in defiance of the US Constitution's first amendment (big life moral mistake that was matched here in Encinitas). Our city attorney does not serve the public interest, he serves the council who happily feeds him very well. 

The solution is obvious.


  1. The council gets what they want from Sabine.

  2. Council gets what they want from Sabine because they pay him well.

    Unions get what they wanted from Jerome Stocks because they paid him well.

    See the way it works in America.

    Its all about the dollar. Screw everything else especially the future generations. That is the baby boomer motto.

  3. A lot of things could be so much easier to resolve if we had a council less resistant to taking on lots of issues.

    There are other solutions, like a citizen initiated ballot measure.

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  5. Great blog...although I have to say, every time I visit I end up becoming enraged. I hope you do a voters guide come election time.

  6. Thank you Kevin for standing up for our rights. You have fired the first salvo and it is a direct hit at the house of cards....can't wait for Nov 2012 it the house comes tumbling down.


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