Monday, July 04, 2011

Conflict of Interest Disclosed

A number of local watchdogs started howling over the fact that the Encinitas Golf Authority/Ecke/city renegotiation of the financial agreement was being proposed and reviewed by the same staff member. Feeling the heat he made it abundantly clear that he had a conflict of interest, by literally wearing different hats at the March 23 council meeting.

That should have been a giant

None of our elected representatives who are charged with watching out for the citizens on the council spoke out about this arrangement. But when conflict of interest is an everyday occurrence you get accustomed to it. Too bad, if there had been an independent assessment it would have been very hard to pull off the deal without raising questions about who was really benefiting.

Watch the disclosure below and the clear announcement by Mayor Bond about the conflict:

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It is a monthly occurrence that the city sneaks something through without notifying the stakeholders and neighbors. Is anyone surprised that the city did not give a heads up to all the HOAs of the residents who will be taking on the direct burdens of the new ERGA/Ecke/City financial deal? This is standard practice and goes along with the city's policy of "Father knows best, so the citizens need not concern themselves with our activities."


  1. Kristin Gaspar lives in Encinitas Ranch. Why haven't we heard anything from her about this?

  2. When this thing was on the agenda in summer '10 Gaspar was at the meeting and told me she had done her homework on the deal, but said her view on the deal was a private matter (because she had not yet officially declared her obvious candidacy, she said).

    We all knew the homeowners were tied into ERGA, how is it that she didn't?

    She either doesn't complete her homework, is unable to understand the homework, or doesn't realize that the job entails lots of financial/contractual homework when staff purposely clouds the issues.

    Another alternative is that she would never vote against the interest of the Eckes.

    Don't forget that it was a member of the public that made it clear to Gaspar that she had a conflict of interest, in the middle of the meeting! I think that turn of events supports the hypothesis that she doesn't do or understand her homework.

    I had tried to meet with her to discuss this, and several other issues, but she wouldn't even respond to the requests.

  3. That Gaspar would not meet with you is no surprise. Gaspar has made it very clear that she will not listen to activists. She, as well as Stocks when he said this, mean is that if you do not agree with them, they will not listen to you.
    That is what they have publically stated and it SUCKS.


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