Friday, July 15, 2011

L101 due for road rebuild?

From the in box:


  1. I heard, from the city, that it is an overlay, not patchwork.
    Good news

  2. Chris,

    We contacted the source of the email and no longer think it was credible.

  3. Wow, more good news!!!
    Leuc Blvd & the tracks are getting a little overhaul.
    Safer ped. crossings and.....wait for it........landscaping.
    Shame on those that said this would not happen in our lifetime. Thanks City.
    Albiet, some neighbors of ours got a $600.00 ticket for illegally crossing the tracks. Sure our city has areas that you have to walk a mile to get west of the tracks. Heck, we have bus stops that are illegal to get to without walking a mile. Doesn't seem right to get tickets when the city has not yet provided reasonable access to our coast.
    And 100 trees will be planted in Octoberish. We are losing 6 eucs any day now. Lost 3 a couple months ago.

  4. There are white stripes on our residential road around areas of tree roots, but they have been there so long the paint is fading. I think someone at the City with nothing to do so is given a spraypaint can and told to mark potential areas of improvement. Counting the hours till retirement.

  5. Things are getting better in Leucadia:

    New Mexican bakery at Jason at 101
    Hapi Fish
    Fish 101

    It is all good...

  6. I would be interested in the following:

    How much it will to cost to overlay the entire stretch of 101 from Leucadia Blvd. to La Costa.

    Is it budgeted for in this years budget.

    When will it be done.

    How is the overlay of L101 prioritized in the final road report.

    Where does this apparent repair fit into the streetscape project.

    Call me cynic, I think it is a knee jerk reaction to make it look like the city has suddenly made infrastructure repair a priority. I doubt if they will do more that patch.

  7. some neighbors of ours got a $600.00 ticket for illegally crossing the tracks

    This makes my blood boil. Is there anything we can do to change it?

  8. I think all the spray paint is graffiti I 'm sure somewhere on the HWY there's an ENC painted

  9. If we try spray painting each pot hole that we see, perhaps they will come.....

  10. Makes more sense to do nothing to 101 since it's slated to become the Streetscape Shopping Center. One lane is going to be closed. Pseudo-roundabouts will take up a whole bunch of pavement. And, the rest of highway 101 will become the Streetscape Shopping Center's parking lot.

  11. Rob,
    Try ice water on a washrag.

  12. Bob Aronin,
    Try ice water on a washrag.


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