Saturday, July 23, 2011

Le Papagayo Patio

I like the new big flamey outdoor heaters!


  1. I love this place and it just keeps getting better. Great food with excellent service and awesome local entertainment combined with nice art and happy locals. I would eat there everyday if I could. A Wonderful place for breakfast too!

  2. That place does has a great atmosphere... Too bad the food is over-priced and crappy...

    Very good atmosphere, good, interesting menu and very fair prices and a very nice crew.
    Thank you Francois for all your hard work in creating and continually enhancing your establishment. Your restaurant is a positive addition to our community. I frequently refer people there.

  4. Yeah, it's an excellent place if the owner is your buddy but in reality, the dinner is too expensive for what it is.

    Breakfast is good and the prices aren't too bad for breakfast.

  5. Awesome (and cheaper that Little Moore) breakfasts! Even their oatmeal is exciting. Take the challenge. Your wallet, heart and taste buds will thank you.

  6. Try them on a Tuesday and you can't go wrong. 1/2 price appetizers for an all night extended happy hour! I could eat just from the appetizer menu an stuff myself silly with crab cakes and scallops.

  7. The best deal ever is take your own wine to Bird HOuse when they got the stripper (who never quite takes it all off).

  8. New thread

    Social Security's future will change
    No matter what plan emerges from the debt talks, future benefits will be trimmed back.

    Its time to trim back existing government provided pensions as well. If they can't be trimmed back, they should be taxed 40 to 50%.

  9. From crappy food to crappy politics...


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