Monday, July 18, 2011

North Leucadia 101 is the tip of the spear in our nation's economic recovery!


  1. Really, I see lots of vacancies along that stretch. Did the mixed use next door ever sell?

    How much you want to bet the new commercial on Vulcan south of Leucadia sits vacant for over 6 months.

    A fool and their money are soon parted and there are plenty of fools out there.

  2. Actually Skip, there are only about 5 vacancies on the 2 mile stretch of over 200 businesses. But in Leucadia it's the best of times and the worst of times. And no, none of the 4 "cottages" with 8 businesses below have sold. They were however repossessed by a bank. The few renters they have are good people, but the place is less than half full and it's already a parking nightmare for anyone in the vicinity, including their own tenants. Ace Cars closed. Is it any wonder why the 5 star hotel at the north end hasn't been built yet? The reason: they have more brains than money, and we all know they have tons of money. On the other hand, an over zealous developer and his money are soon parted, until he finds more creative financing, which he will. Meanwhile, the restaurants are kicking ass. Even, yes, Haggo's. Opps, but not Subway. Funny how every mom and pop restaurant is thriving on 101. The new bakery will probably do well and their architecture, though bland as the 70's still doesn't abuse the floor area ration or parking requirements. And they're making it 2 story instead of 3. The Farmers Market has never been busier. The new commercial on S. Vulcan? Not gonna bet. But if they're as creative as other local developers, they'll use it themselves for their office as long as they can. Kind of like what they used to call
    "demonstators" at the Del Mar Fair - who didn't actually win those huge stuffed animals they were walking around with, it was just their job to do that. They got unlimited dime throwing too as a Carney would slip them handfulls at a time. We have our good points, but if we're the tip of the spear of our nation's economy, which we well may be, yikes America.

  3. Meanwhile, the restaurants are kicking ass. Even, yes, Haggo's.

    How can a restaurant that's only open 20 minutes every day be "kicking ass"?

  4. How can a restaurant that's only open 20 minutes every day be "kicking ass"?

    I went to Haggo's & found out for myself.

    Mind blown. Amazing fish tacos & the beans are awesome too. Not my preferred eating environment, but it's not too bad. As far as "kicking ass" in the profit department, we'll have to wait and see.

    I hope he makes it!


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