Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Steve Meiche Reports on L101 Road Repair

From the in box:

Steve Meiche
I observed this today on my bike ride.

I talked to the guy.
Steve Meiche (SM):Are you guys going to overlay? 

City worker (CW)-  No, I mean yes, kinda. An overlay patch. Well there's no reason to overlay the entire stretch because you know, we would have to tear it up when we do street scape.

SM: When is that gonna be?

CW- in 5 years

SM: when are you going to start patching? 

CW- soon, very soon

SM: Is this because of the lawsuit over the road report? 

CW- NO! Absoultely NOT! It has nothing to do with the road report. (indignant turned and walked away)

SM: So this is this part of the road maintainence plan? Yes? 

CW- no answer

LB NOTE: Does the city really have it budgeted to do that much of the streetscape in 5 years?


  1. Applebottom, Please explain. SM has live here a long time. Whats your credentials?

  2. How would a street worker know what is in the minds of our city manager and council. Seems like much to do about nothing.

  3. Much ado about nothing? City workers often know much more than the city council and city manager are revealing. Both CC and CM prefer controlling the information that is released. It's what the whole public records brouhaha is about.

    Applebottom, are you a transplant? Meiche has been around a long time. Most people in Encinitas are transplants. So what? So far no one has proven SM wrong on his allegations. Do you have something to reveal?

    The city is in a budget crunch. The new word is "phasing." We will get things in bits and pieces. Watch what happens on the Hall property.

  4. One thing apparently full funded is all the huge retirement Pensions! They keep getting all the tax dollars.

  5. Each morning at City Hall, Council shares with Staff all that occurs privately at closed meetings regarding the latest lawsuits, so they're in on all conspiracies and sworn to silence. That's why the worker ignored the questions.

  6. That is just pure rubbish Winston. The public work crew reports to the PW yard and starts the day at the PW yard before Council even shows up at City Hall. The rank and file are not privy to Council decisions that are made behind the curtain. You give the honest blue collar workers a bad name. The rank and file do work hard and will never get a golden pension. I will bet most will get far less than what Steve Meiche is collecting now.

  7. Under the Brown Act in closed sessions the council can only discuss personnel issues, legal issues such as lawsuits, and real estate transactions. Everything else will be discussed with staff, and that includes Public Works. Staff freely talks with each other, even between Public Works and City Hall.

    City Hall is very leaky, and staff talks a lot, unless no one, and I mean no one, is talking about it. I've never heard anything that leaked from closed sessions, although more than one council member has inadvertently let something slip.

  8. It's unfair to lump all into the staff designation when talking about upper management and council decisions. The guy painting may talk about city issues with other co-workers and may hear things but really has no connection to implementing policy or "phasing" of city projects.

  9. Bullshit rolls downhill.

    Stocks, Cotton, and Sabine talk quite often about what meddling jerks all these pesky citizens are for questioning City Hall.

    Those comments obviously filter down through the managers to the rank-and-file. Ask any five city workers what they think about the guy who filed the road report lawsuit.

    As for golden pensions, even no-education cashiers are pulling $50k a year to start, and by the time they put in 20 or 25 years, nobody is making less than $80k. 25 years of that leaves them pulling $54k for life at 55, something that nobody in the private sector can dream of.

  10. From one perspective I agree with LL. Staff are not suppose to be the policy makers, however in our city important decisions are made at the staff level. That keep scrutiny off the electeds.

    On the other hand, the staff should be knowledgeable about the public policy context of their work. I know many of them are personally invested in our hometown and do want to make sure they carryout their jobs professionally and give good analysis to the policy makers (however most of the publicly available analysis given to the council is way too often a single option).

    I've worked with current and recent city staff on both minor and pretty major issues. They bring knowledge and understanding to the table. These folks are not what needs to be fixed.

    I'm not sure that the guy painting the road hopefully knows about road in Encinitas and should know about what is going on in those regards.

    According to Steve, he did know enough to say what was happening and why a full overlay isn't happing, however that conflicts with what others have said. Either way it seems too bad that the road have deteriorated so bad that the city can't completely coordinate the maintenance with the streetscape.

    I don't remember seeing money in the 5 year budget for that part of the Leucadia 101. Is it there or not?

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  12. WC,

    Your numbers look tight and I agree with your comments.

  13. The reason why the City has no money for the Hall property or any road projects like Streetscapes is because all the money is being steered by Jerome Stocks to his union buddies. First he gives them a 14% raise and 35% raise in pensions in 2005. Now Jerome Stocks gives them all $5 to $8 McMansions to hang out in all day when they’re not at the store. All the money goes towards the employees and none goes back to benefits for the public.

    “In other business, the city approved a $4.3 million contract with Temecula-based Edge Development Inc. for construction of Fire Station No. 2 on Birmingham Drive. Edge had the lowest of seven bids for the project, which ranged from $4.3 to $4.7 million.”

    Read more: http://www.nctimes.com/news/local/encinitas/article_04b7463a-50e6-553a-87ca-8c11d31d094b.html#ixzz1Sl5XUMnb

    That’s over $10 million going to only 2 firestations in less than 5 years. What the hell is going on? Jerome Stocks is spending our City tax dollars like AIG, all at our debt and our children’s expense.
    Jerome is the number 1 sell out to unions and special interests in Encinitas. He has to go for this City to get back to the right direction. Spread the word, and give plenty of money to the other candidates next year. Jerome received heavy financial support for the favors he gives to unions and special interests.

  14. LL;

    Sorry to pull your leg, but I just wanted to stir conversation on this thread. It worked. No doubt there is some politics between some staff and some council members, but no to the degree I presented.

  15. I appriciate the comments on this blog but some of the comments are spun to a personal bias without hard evidence. Steve's conversation with the city worker is really just hearsay. There is no way to know if that was a real conversation or what was really said without 3rd party corroboration. K.C. you're on the right track and I think highly of your efforts for open government but sometimes it appears that you use this blog as a politcal vehicle for the ETA agenda. Winston stiring the pot is good for a complacent community but if the blog is to be taken seriously by the uninformed the facts must be credible.

  16. LL,

    What is the ETA agenda?

    We all have cognitive biases. The question is whether or not we remain open minded, mentally flexible, observant and fair. Almost everyone involved in this venue wants an open and prosperous future for Encinitas.

    What are some of the examples that you speak of that were unfair or biased? Is this question Deja vu????

    This blog is a different venue than other media outlets many of us work with.

  17. As for this post. It is what it is. It is an email submission from Steve Meiche.

    We look forward to posts from others.

  18. I will give you one personal issue to me that was unfair and biased. Last year my wife posted a great shot of my son droping in from the Civic sign at City Hall on his skateboard. This was not intended to be used as a political vehicle about City Hall. It was spun to an attack on our Council. Many said terrible things about my son and it was not appriciated by my wife. I am not asking for any apologies. This blog is supposed to be about all things Leucadia but is mostly used to point out flaws in City Hall. The ETA agenda is about accountability of our local government and how our tax dollars are spent. Steve Mieche I believe sits on the ETA board. This blog is unique and I love it but it often uses posts as a vehicle for political attacks when ever possible. I am new to bloging but have always read opinion pages of several different newspapers, stay informed of local, national issues with an opened mind and try to understand all sides of an issue. I would hope this blog would do the same.

  19. LL, your son shreds, and is the Shawn White of concrete.

  20. Thanks Winston. He is getting very good these days but Shaun White is the best of them all. I can't believe that we don't have a world class skatepark for all of the top talent that lives in our community. It's a shame that my son will be in college by the time it ever gets built.

  21. but you'll have a fat pension and retired early to visit your son in college, while us private citizens continue to work. We are being taxed to pay for more luxurious firestations and the nice big pensions for the Employees that are supposed to be serving the public, not acting as imperialistic assholes with faux ego power because they are "City".

    With that, you son seems to shred. Well done.

  22. I will never have a fat pension. I will most likely get what I would have had in my social security check. I also worked for the private industry as well as my own business. I live and work here in Encintas so I am paying twice for my pension. We just had our employee contribution raised to 5% to Pers ( Yes, still a great deal)and I pay local taxes. There are no more raises comming for me and have already hit the glass cieling of my position. I work my ass off for this city each and everyday and I am not an asshole to anyone nor do I come off with a faux ego or I work for the City power trip with the citizens of this community. I serve you all as I would my family. I am a good steward of this community and so are most of my co workers.

  23. LL,

    Your son rocks. That was an awesome photo.

    And thanks for your service.

    But to compare Encinitas pensions to Social Security is way out of line. Social Security pays nothing close to 2.7% of last year's salary per year.

    Put in 45 years into Social Security even maxing out at $100K+, and the most you can possibly earn is around $2400 a month at 66 or 67. Encinitas city workers will pull in double or triple that at 55, not 66!

    I appreciate your comments on the blog, but you have to admit you have a sweet retirement deal far beyond what any of us private citizens could hope for.

  24. I agree with most of your points W.C. I was hired 2 years after the vote went down concerning pension increases and raises to city workers. I am in my late fourties and if i retired at 55 I would not be pulling down a fat pension. You can't fairly assume that every city worker started their career at 25 and works for the same position or City for 30 years. My experience so far has shown that people come and go at different times and for all kinds of reasons. While some at upper managment levels are in it for the long haul and will get the fabled golden pension, most will not at the blue cllar level who make up most of the City positions. I believe the cashier position that 300 people showed up for paid $17.00/hr. My math says that is not $50,000/yr. I will never make or come close to $80,000/yr when I retire.

  25. LL,

    You are likely a great person all around, but don't fault the taxpayers for wanting to reform pensions. They are out of control and Jerome Stocks should never Sheparded in that 35% increase in pensions in 2005. It sucked all the tax money from the City into pensions. Your gain, my loss. Return to 2% at 65 and I have no problem. You and all the other employees are free to return to private sector at anytime if you think its better. When the City has a hard time finding qualified applicants for its positions, then we will hit an equilibrium. Until then, the taxpayers are losing.

    If you were in private sector, you will be receiving a pension and social security. But we all no Social security is bankrupt and unlike pensions they will do away with social security payments for anyone currently under 45 years old.

    The future generations of this country are screwed, because the voters were to stupid and elected people like Jerome Stocks that gave away the farm.

    You are smart and that why you jumped on the gravy train of public employment. We all should. Let just print money like the federal government. Screw real work. No one needs it anyway.

    If you ever want to read empowering comments read statements from Thomas Jefferson. That man was wise beyond his times and must have forsaw what was coming. Its amazing a religion has started naming Thomas Jefferson a saint and one with God.

  26. The way things are going in this country I may end up with neither. I did not take the job to be on the government gravy train. I needed the job, any job for that matter to take care of my family just like most Americans. Yes, I do feel fortunate to have a job when so many do not. To suggest that I don't really work and my job isn't real is a joke. My gain is your loss is total bullshit. I am a taxpayer in this City just like you. I am aware of TJ and he was right to say never let lawyers become politicians.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Nice LL. Keep the conversation alive and help educate the masses. We are all in this to better our families. I am just like you, trying to best for my family and my community. I am sure I would do the exact same if I was in your shoes.

    I know that most employees are hard working good City Employees. The problem is Jerome Stocks has built a "Us against, them" Attitude at City Hall. It has to end for the sake of all. I could name 20 names useless pieces of shit at City Hall that harm the public more than good. Although I shall use restraint, because I know naming the useless would cause serious personal anguish. Maybe you should come forward to your supervisors to say who the losers are so the City can step up its game. Their actions make the City look backwards and against the interests of the community.

    I could name 3 council members that need to go. One will not run again. Jim Bond probably won’t remember his name by the next election so he is out, and the last one is the devil of Encinitas- Jerome Stocks.

    That could mean that only one RINO, Jerome Stocks, runs for council. He can't go pursue any other office because the GOP knows he’s a liability sell out to the unions.

    35% raise in pensions and a 14% raise to all City Employees in 2005. Please!

    Two open seats and a third RINO easily beat . Jacobs is a known worthless. Who else will step up? I hope Cummings.

    In the mean time, get the word out Jerome is no good and will poison Kristen's political future as well as the good of Encinitas City Employees. Its time to become whole again. If you love living and working in Encinitas, lets give a better future for our kids. Get the word out to Dump Jerome Stocks.

  29. LL,

    City Hall is where Leucadia's future is being decided. Its appropriate and consistent with the history of the LB that city hall gets a lot of attention.

    I went back to look for the example you cited. I couldn't find it. Remember, that multiple people run the LB. I do remember commenters going way stupid on that thread, but also thinking those people had no idea about what they were talking about in regards to skateboarding.

    If the post included a photo and some wry commentary about city hall, that would be pretty consistent and almost expected for any photo submission of city hall. Bias is probably not the right description for that.

    In the end, it is easiest to see things from multiple perspectives if multiple perspectives are submitted. Please, continue to add your voice.

    Something like this streets post goes up to the blog with the hope of sparking conversation and investigation by others. It shouldn't always be the same 5 people in town doing the homework.

    As for getting yours and your wife's stuff posted up directly with no editorial added, if you send it to me directly with such a request I can do that.

  30. EEV,

    This is a community of very sharp and thoughtful people. There are lots of good potential candidates, we just need to get them involved so they know that their service would be valuable.

    I don't like or am good at politics and I'm not much of a schmoozer. I do like public policy analysis and I want Encinitas to remain affordable and enjoyable, so I hope that I will be able to help others run for city council.

    I also don't really want to be an LB administrator.

  31. Here's the post.

    Telling people about a goal-setting workshop is an attack on the council?


  32. Thanks WC. Man that was a good thread... LL- I don't know what your whining about I didn'tread anyone ripping on your kid personally. Man, you have thin skin. Next time tell your wife to keep pictures off the internet if you don't want comments. If you send a picture like that out, of course your going to get comments. Lighten up. No one is wishing any harm to you or your family.

    KC, Return the blog to open anon, or please explain the possible benefits of this signin crap?

  33. I agree with you K.C. but does this blog have to have such a negitive tilt to it! There are many good things being done at City hall too. I do not see many posts about the good things the City does. Did anyone see Jacy Boldens report this week? She gets it. Very progressive City policy with thoughtful collaboration from all sides. I have lived in Leucadia since the late 70's. It has always been laidback and funky. I want it to stay that way. There is a mean streak and a me first attitude creeping into this City. I do not want to see us end up like beach communities to the north.

  34. I understand the concept of buyer beware. FYI: The post was sent to help my son, a local Leucadian win a contest. Period. It was not intended for a post about an event at City Hall. Bob, post something about your family and let's see where it goes. Then tell me how you feel.

  35. i think the blog posts tons of positive stuff. LL- maybe its your perception and perspective on things

  36. Now your handle make sense to me. You always see the negative in everything.... hense, Loser.

  37. Sticks and stones... Bob, what positive posts or comments do you bring to this blog? You're just another hater on this blog.

  38. Geeze, there you go again LL. Look on the positive side: you have a great job where its impossible to get fired, you get a great pension, your kids great, the summer weathers great, you live in Leucadia, and Its the weekend. Cheer up... What more could you ask for?

  39. I know you are, but what am I? Infinity.

  40. Winston, you're the best! Bob, I have been a little cranky lately. I took your advise and played golf with my dad. Feelng better. Thanks.

  41. LL,

    The post with your son's photo is tough to construe as being an attack or biased. Let us know if you run across better examples.

    We do, and love to, post about the great aspects of Leucadia. For some examples look at the "culture" topics. We will gladly accept your post about Bolden's report (which is a story about city hall but that's OK).

    I took a break from asking staff for examples of exemplary work after I got tired of the examples falling apart or not being able to be supported under inspection. I wanted to be sure to point out the good things more often, even if they are in the shadow of an overwhelming sketchy financial future for the city.

    As for the comments being lame. The UT and NCT comments are often very negative and not constructive. It is a tough issue to deal with when there are little resources to act with. Requiring a simple log in for comments has reduced the over the top sniping but still allows for anonymity (like the UT or NCT).

  42. It is what it is. I accept that. I do not wish to beat a dead horse. we all have different perspectives. No one sees the world with the same eyes. A balanced approach was all I was looking for. You guys do a great job and service for the community. I am still learning how to articulate my positions on this blog and a little intimidated by the responses I get from those who are far more intelligent than myself. Mycah did win that contest though. Thanks everyone who voted for him.

  43. Bravo LL,

    That was an awesome post. Glad to hear your son won and we are glad you are apart of the conversation. I hope you and your family have an awesome weekend!

  44. KC, When I read the article, there were attacks made by bloggers on his son. Maybe they've since been retracted, but I gotta side with LL on that one.

  45. Winston,

    I also remember those comments and I already acknowledged that in my 10:41 comment.

    I don't think you made any of those comments and shouldn't be given credit for them (but you are an LB commenter). My point is that the LB should not be given the credit for the comments any more than the UT should for the comments on its website.

    It is really tough to be asked to be open to all perspectives simultaneously with hacking out those comments we fell are ugly.

    We can't respond to/moderate all the comments and don't like to feed the trolls. Most of the time it seems easy to figure out who is a troll.

    Democracy thrives when thoughts are challenged and either reaffirmed or changed. The LB team has always leaned toward more open commenting at the recognized cost having more trolls.

  46. Now don't start slamming trolls. We have feeling too you pieces of shit. Keep an open mind and don't be prejudice you fart smelling fagot.

  47. Oh Troll, maybe you should run for council. At least you're brash AND unpredictable.


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