Sunday, August 28, 2011



  1. It was a good feeling seeing our community enjoying our community. Having 3 or 4 thousand locals and guests visiting local businesses,enhanced by mostly homegrown artisans and quality musicians, has to help throughout the coming year. (crowds not pictured ?). I talked to some business owners and saw full resturants and it had to be a positive for them as well as the 101+ artists.
    Thanks to L101 for putting all the time, effort and money for putting this on. And Fred, thanks for all your artistic contributions. I hope next year we can get the walk up to his place.
    Thanks to the sherriffs department for not ticketing the hundreds of cars parked on the railroad property. There were a lot of lawbreakers.
    A good day for Leucadia.
    Thanks L101.

  2. And, of note:
    Jerry of Capt. KENO's spent the whole day supplying the whole art walkabout with cold water in iced tubs, at his cost and time, to give something back to his community.
    That was laudable and appreciated.
    Thanks Jerry, and tell him thanks when you see him.

  3. You are all a bunch of two faced traitors!!!

    The merchants were really helpful in marketing their commercial corridor! Next year lets do art walk in the neighborhoods or on the beach at low tide.

    None of this was for walking and getting people to give up their cars. The cops should have ticketed everyone who DROVE their cars or took a bus to artWALK!

  4. It was nice having all those people from New Encinitas and Olivenhain come out and see where their density bonus units are being built.

  5. Really really enjoyed the day. Major props to Capt Keno's for the waters! Music was really good, bought a little art; enjoyed seeing the new businesses.
    Really surprised to see the "Closed" signs on so many businesses; many failed to take advantage of this great opportunity to make some new customers. Also wish there was a little more food more readily available along the way.
    GREAT DAY FOR LEUCADIA and thanks again to all the organizers, volunteers, security, etc

  6. The section 8 housings should be up by next year right across the street from the 1 million asking price Detriot style condo's entitled "Beacon's Estates"..... pfffff Haa haa haa! what fools!

  7. Bo,

    You forgot about the view!

    This is what those houses overlook.

    And 10 of them on an acre or so! Wow, they don't get much denser than that!

  8. The section 8 housings should be up by next year right across the street

    What are section 8 housings? Also what is this "density bonus" that is frequently mentioned here?

  9. Should have googled first. Here's a document that talks about the density bonus.

    Section 8 housing is government houses for very low income families, correct? How are the locations for those determined? How do you avoid them as a buyer/owner?

  10. Rob,

    Traditionally, Section 8 low-income units were included in the projects that got the density bonuses. So if you were in an area without a lot of new development, you weren't likely to get them built near you.

    Now most Section 8 is getting dumped on North Vulcan, so as long as you stay away from that area, you're probably OK.

    It will be convenient for the sheriffs to have all the tagging suspects living in one place. It will also be convenient for drug users to have one-stop shopping there.

  11. WC has it right. Thank God for class action lawsuites after the pattern is developed the neighbors can go in and sue for damages.

  12. Thanks, W.C.

    Where exactly are the Section 8 houses going to be that Bo described as "right across the street"?

  13. rob,

    This post has links to the city planning for the units.

    I believe they are going in next to the trailer park on the east side of Vulcan. So it's not literally across the street from the Beacons cluster. It's across 101, then the train tracks, then Vulcan. It's illegal to cross the tracks, so I wouldn't worry about the crime coming over.


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