Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jacobson Replaced

Last night the council filled the empty space on the art commission that Alice Jacobson created by made by jumping over to the enviro commission.

The entire council voted for the belly dancer.

Jacobson's appointment has been criticized because she did not have the professional experience that other applicants offered. A related viewpoint was published in the coast news (it provides the candidate's applications).

More important than creating a panel of experts is to create a panel of citizen representatives that are very interested and willing and able to do the research and joint deliberation. We are suppose to have a staff to help provide support on technical details and we have a populace that can bring ideas to the commission. The commissions should be reflective of population to some degree. That means the board shouldn't consist of professionals from a related field.

Should the planning commission consist of 5 professional developers?

We should be looking to build commissions with people that have different perspectives, who do their homework and are there for the purpose of the commission rather than resume building.

That means the council should also be asking questions like, have you ever contributed to the commission you want to join in the past? Have you attended and spoke at one of the meetings? Can you demonstrate your interest in the subject matter? Can you demonstrate your willingness to do the homework?


  1. She is also African American which I believed secured all the votes.

    Unfortunately, its a major factor in our society. Your heritage and prejudice are still major issues in America. Decisions are rarely about whose the most qualified.

    Hopefully the whole race thing will die out in about 100 years and it will start to be about who is the most qualified.

    How could you vote against an African American Belly Dancer in Encinitas. There are only 10 African Americans living in Encinitas period.

  2. Ya could but ud b labled a dang racist.

  3. The two comments above sure seem racist. Why do you feel it necessary to bring her race up? It was never mentioned in the post.

  4. Si. I told ya. To talk about it, U must be a racist.

  5. I brought it up because, its a big part of what its really about.

    Should we not talk about current issues or problems. Should we even be able to say Martin Luther King or go look at his new statue in Washington.

    If society doesn't talk about it, nothing will change. If anything, it prejudice will get worse, because ill feelings will fester without open communication.

    Lets have transparency and be able to talk about real issues.

  6. Yes, let's talk about real issues.
    Why change the topic of qualification and worth of the individual's qualifications, and state that she was choosen because she is black.
    Why would this not be racism?
    I don't doubt you feel it is not racist, but it is.
    Why even bring that up?
    Let's get back to the thread. Try to treat her as a person and not a person of any particular race.

  7. I don't know the particular person who was chosen to replace Alice, so I have no comment on it. However, I wonder if the Commissioner system could be reviewed by the Council for other reasons. The post says that citizens bring ideas to the commission. I am a Parks and Recreation Commissioner. The way Commissions work now, is citizens can bring ideas to us, but we cannot "officially" look into them without a request by Council. If the Council doesn't ask us to do something, we cannot, on our own, go ahead and do it. When I was first appointed, I was excited about a lot of possibilities for our Parks and Recreation in Encinitas. I then found out that my ideas had to pass muster from the Council. This has been frustrating, at least to me, over the years, as many citizens have asked me to have the Commission look into this or that. If I bring it up at the monthly meeting, I am quickly reminded that we cannot do it unless Council OK's it first. It would be nice for the system to change a bit so that citizens do have more input and Commissions could look into things without a specific request from the Council. I think we could be far more creative and innovative if it were to change. The Council does not have to vote YES on our suggestions, but at least there could be more citizen and Commissioner input. Being on a Commission is a volunteer position, except for Planning, and therefore I, for one, welcome the opportunity to do more. So, if anyone from the Council is reading this, perhaps it could be agendized and changed. In fact, as I write this, I think I will bring it up in the Open Forum part of a future Council meeting. Does anyone have any ideas on what they might to see from Parks and Rec.? It sure would be helpful if the Dr. Lorri haters, for just this once, could give me a mulligan, so people could actually present ideas, instead of taking this post down the personal path about how much they don't like me. I already get that Starman and Anon. Thanks for any ideas.

  8. As JS said. This appears to be a Taboo subject for sure. I guess we shouldn't even talk about the subject for the next 50 years. Anyway, I hope she finds the commmision rewarding.

    As past posts and Dr. Lorri points out. They currently really don't do anything except give lip service to council and waste citizens time.

    If you want anything heard in this City you need to grad Staff' Ear and then Council's Ear in that order.

    whats the new art commisioners name? I can't wait to see her belly dance. where does she practice?

  9. Good choice! And great costume. The Arts Commission can use some pizazz.

  10. Hey! check out the work they're going on the vulcan/leucadia stoplight! It looks like it's going to be MUCH nicer. Seems like they're s l o w l y working their way north.

    I can't wait to see the finished product...hopefully they put in some landscaping like the did on the 7-11 side.

  11. lots of work going on..... lets see if its any nicer? Landscaping? What a concept! A tree? Wow...that would be nice

    If you want to look at a community that cares, look at Cardiff's railroad crossing. they have a garden club that contributes cash and maintains their crossing and neighboring park like environment.

    If you want to see a neighborhood that doesn't care, look at Leucadia. They spend more time whining about things then ever doing anything. They are a town full-on do-nothing whiners. It must be all that pot they smoked growing up. It makes you have the victim mentality and learn to love run down conditions.

  12. Oh Steve, cut it out. Cardiff has about 50' to nourish outside of the RR right of way - which they've done and continue to do superbly. In contrast, the railroad virtually butts up against 101 through 2 miles of Leucadia with no space provision for irrigation and barely any landscaping. The RR cuts our canopy down. Idiot workers last week trimed 3 trees into bushes. But you obviously don't know Leucadia helped Cardiff plant Carpentier Park and likewise Cardiff helped plant trees in Leucadia - wherever possible. But I'll whine for you anyway.....Whaa whaa whaa. In conclusion, I heard rumors there will be landscaping at the new Leucadia Blvd intersection they just sidewalked. Can't wait. Thanks NCTD! (did I just say that out loud?)


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