Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kids like it

You've got to be a serious art snob to not realize the best PUBLIC art has come from the public. The public loves this!!!

This stuff has for the most part been genuine, meaningful, entertaining, and inspirational to the public. This reflects our community. Lemonade out of (government sponsored) lemons.

Lots of places throw art at its community. Encinitas is on the map when it comes to art from its community.

You can not say that about the "magic carpet ride", which was well crafted. The Cardiff Kook came across as reflective of the community as an airport trinket AND it depicts someone having trouble managing his surfboard (at best, what is the guy doing anyways?). Surfers see it right away. No matter how tempting, you can't respond by saying screw the surfers, it just doesn't compute given the context and composition.

The fact so many of the details of the statue are "just wrong" and this was not recognized by the artist, civic, city or county sponsors symbolized the LOSS of our soulful beach town character and a transition to a shallow poser community that had no idea about the sensibilities of the surf community they were trying to capitalize upon. In many ways the statue does actually capture the horrifying evolution of our community.

Making things even more risky, its real tough to celebrate a community that has a long history of desiring not to be celebrated (they should have known this). The magic carpet ride was thrown at the community and told to like it because we don't know art.

The statue would never have passed the public smell test if this PUBLIC art had been put out for REAL public review (BEFORE IT WAS TOO LATE). It saddens me to say that the 5 council members did not learn their lesson and made the same procedural error with the swamis carving (it will be there for years).

I know what a competent surfer looks like. I also know which art draws the crowds and which draws scoffs.

On the flip-side of things, because the county and the city have not done what needs to be done on the pension issues, there won't be much money available for bad government art in the future.


  1. Why did they take it down so quick. Are they trying to keep residents and tourists from enjoying things?

  2. They're sending a message. We own this town. You don't. Remember that next election.

  3. They already took it down? I just walked down there yesterday and there were tons of people admiring the work. I wonder who gave the order? I was hoping the our new City Manager would be more tolerant of these things. However, who in authority actually told workers it had to come down? Does anyone know? I read that several locals said they would be willing to give $5.00 in extra taxes a month for any repairs the Kook might need in the future. I know I would do that. I think it was the Cardiff Botanical Society that commissioned the art in the first place. The City put up about $30,000 for the base and the placement of the Kook. Perhaps we there is a way to have an account for future repairs for the Kook and anyone who wanted to contribute could do so. That way there would be no new taxes, and people who did not want to pay the fee would not have to. There must be a way to keep the Kook safe from damage, and at the same time let people enjoy the art for more than a couple of days. Anyone have any ideas on how to do this?

  4. Speaking of damage...has anyone else noticed that the staue itself has NEVER been marked, tagged, painted or defaced in any way. That the creative minds behind the artistic efforts have instead, taken great pains to NOT injure the art? The metal shapes behind the Kook have been bent because people jump up there, but actual mayhem? None.

  5. Nobody ever seems to notice or mention that really nice Bob Naninga poem that was added. Gives Senor Kook some dignity.


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