Monday, August 29, 2011

Leucadia Blvd becoming pedestrian friendly

Wow! This is impressive.


  1. Oh Cool. Pedestrian friendly!

    That means they are putting in a crosswalk on the south side of the intersection like they have at every intersection in Downtown Encinitas.

    Great. I can't wait that will be awesome and a welcome improvement.

    I can't believe its remained inferior to Encinitas Blvd., D Street, E Street, and F street all these years.

    Now we finally get a real intersection with walkways on all sides so we don't need to waite 20 minutes to cross Hwy 101 from my way back from my kids school to get to Surfy Surfy.

    Nice! I can't wait. I'll finally be able leave the car at home and not drive to the beach every time.

    A walkway on the south side of that nary intersection has been needed for years. I am glad the City is finally taking care of some things in Leucadia.

  2. Please post a picture of the new sidewalk on the Southside of the new intersection when you. Thanks!


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